$33 – Cheap Flights to Tampa in 2021

Cons: “Free water”

Cons: “do not charge for small bags, or if you charge, charge every one, not only some people”

Pros: “Crew was friendly. No nonsense flying. Seats are seats, no frills.”
Cons: “Cheaper bag prices.”

Pros: “Nothing”
Cons: “Delays, gate changes, lack of notification, last minute changes.”

Pros: “Arrived 30 min early”

Cons: “We waiting 2hours… delay Something to fixing on plane! I miss good business in Tampa because of that”

Pros: “No frills but really good airfare. If traveling on a budget and can live without the basic frills it’s a great deal.”
Cons: “No in flight entertainment, seats don’t recline.”

Pros: “Price”
Cons: “Flight delayed and stuck for over an hour at gate upon arrival. The crew was unprofessional.”

Pros: “The fares are great. And the flight was on time which is the most important thing. Boarding was organized”
Cons: “The seats are very uncomfortable and don’t recline . That could certainly be improved”

Pros: “Scheduling options supported the times when I needed to travel.”
Cons: “The seats are packed in and hard as a board. For a three hour trip they feel like you’re sitting on concrete. Uncomfortable.”

Pros: “Absolutely horrible”
Cons: “Frontier is a horrible airline.”

Cons: “not clean”

Pros: “Everyone was very nice, the seats were roomie!”
Cons: “Everything was good!”

Cons: “On flight from Tampa to Chicago nobody charged me for carry on,and on a way back they charged me 60 dollars,so,this is the last time to travel with Frontier”

Cons: “Waited to take off once boarded for 45 min. Luggage was exptreneky delayed. Only half of the luggage was delivered immediately. Remaining luggage came 25 min later”

Pros: “Just what I wanted. Low price with little notice to get to a family medical crisis. Plane was like new. Easy travel. 30 min early in arrival”
Cons: “Would have liked more than water but preferred the Great price”

Pros: “Bag charged”

Pros: “I flew for the price, not the amenities. As long as you know you’ll get zero services, its AOK.”

Pros: “They only had one plane, it was weather delayed at its previous airport, then it ariver with mechanical problems. Customer service promised me the flight would be leaving that day, it ended up being cancelled. We were at the airport for 9 hours before they cancelled which meant that rebook in a flight on a different airline cost twice as much and was difficult and could only be done for the next day. Customer service was useless. The gate crews are third party contractors and can’t do anything because of frontier’s policies. I reported them to Dept of transportation and they keep sending the response that they have too many complaints to respond to and they wI’ll get to it eventually.”

Pros: “Timely arrival”
Cons: “Check in process; higher fees than stated; ridiculous fees for seating and baggage–should I have stood up?…”

Cons: “Short-staffed, so short tempered workers.kiosks did not work. Nickled and dimed on everything. Like flying in prison. No light and a cold hard bench seat. Awful.”

Cons: “Late late late arrival.”

Cons: “delays with NO feedback”

Pros: “Everything”
Cons: “Nothing”

Cons: “there were too many delays and the situation was handled poorly. I do not plan to fly Frontier again in the future.”

Pros: “Nothing”
Cons: “Everything”

Pros: “They share food no baby asked me, even to buy.”

Pros: “Politeness”
Cons: “Overall everything”

Cons: “to expensive to cary on a bag.”

Pros: “Middle seat was empty”
Cons: “The delay. No food. No apologies”

Pros: “The tate”
Cons: “Paying for bags”

Pros: “I was upgraded for free!”
Cons: “The payment necessary for baggage.”

Pros: “Aircraft”
Cons: “Nothing”

Cons: “Lots of screaming children, but I had to fly to Orlando.”

Cons: “No TSA Precheck, seats were not comfortable and nickel & dime you for even a soda.”

Pros: “I haven’t flown in several years and this was a first on Frontier. Great flight all the way around and cheap cheap cheap! I would highly recommend the airline.”

Pros: “Boarding was easy due to being able to pay for a seat ahead of time.”
Cons: “The flight attendant was cranky and I was shocked when I asked for a bag of peanuts and she said that I would have to pay for them. Not even a stale soda is offered. You have to pay for everything. I will pay for Southwest next time. The flight, after all the extra charges, was more expensive than the Southwest flight. I am very disappointed.”

Cons: “Delayed several hours, additional charges for seats and luggage and even asked if you wanted to pay for a beverage during the flight. Only told plane was delayed, little information given. Will never fly Frontier again!”

Pros: “Crew was very likeable, personable, attentive. Male flight attendant engaged with myself and people around me. Was a real person. Female attendants were kind and helpful. I had to use my assistant light and she came right away an gave me my extra ice and wasn’t irritated by it. Pilot was funny and personable. Gave us info and made us laugh. Nice change.”
Cons: “Plane was very dirty. When I got to my seat the ground was covered in cracker crumbs. All over my side of the Isle and the opposite side. There was obviously no attempt to clean it up from the previous flight. It was very dirty!”

Pros: “I enjoyed my first flight last night and it was amazing. I loved everything about it. The staff were amazing and very helpful. I watched a all the checked were thoroughly made prior to take off. I would highly recommend Frontier and will be booking again soon.”

Pros: “I think my wife and I were the beneficiaries of a brief fare war. It cost us more for a car to the airport than to fly two people from Chicago to Tampa. On-time, quick boarding, great staff, very efficient.extra charges for seat & carry-on were reasonable considering the insanely low fare.”
Cons: “Seats are some kind of hard foam and don’t recline. Did not try the (extra-cost) snacks, drinks or water; we ate at the airport.”

Pros: “Everyone was friendly, will fly again soon to San Fran.”

Pros: “Wasn’ detlayed”
Cons: “Have to pay for every little extra thing”

Pros: “Your baggage policy is ridiculous and i might add a regressive fee inherently unfair. A single mother of 6 traveling to her mothers funeral will be hit harder by this than a business traveler. Many of us on the lower end of the income scale carry on to save what can be used on groceries pr heat. Yoir counter staff are also peremptory and rude. I will now factor these additional costs into your supposed fares you sjow online. Likely i will find other airlines are actually better deals. do you really think uoir cusyomers ste thos stupid? We know ur showing low fares and making it up w fees!”

Pros: “Even though there was a ton of cancellations and delays from the day before due to Chicago weather, we had no problems with leaving on time and even arrived at our destination early. Flight crew was pleasant. Too bad TSA security took forever. They must have been short of help. Only one person checking tickets & ID’s and only 1 lane for the scanners. Wtf? Good thing we got to airport early or we’d miss our flight.”

Pros: “Everything went well.”

Pros: “Flight was on time”

Pros: “The boarding process was really good and the crew was really helpful with helping me with my luggage and finding the seat”
Cons: “The comfort of the plane I couldn’t recline my seat the book light didn’t work”

Pros: “The flight was 40 minutes early!”
Cons: “There is no free food.”

Pros: “Yes it was a good trip”

Pros: “Nothing”
Cons: “Everything”

Cons: “To have flaps to hold the head on the seat”

Pros: “Seat excellent”
Cons: “everything ok”

Cons: “Deboarding took too long”

Pros: “It appeared to be the least expensive fight on the day I needed it. It was non-stop.”
Cons: “It didn’t turn out so inexpensive by the time all of the extra charges are added on. The seats are so crammed together it’s quite uncomfortable.”

Pros: “N/A”
Cons: “Regular”

Pros: “The price”
Cons: “Communication”

Pros: “The setas are nothing comfortable”

Pros: “Easy process”
Cons: “Nothing”

Pros: “The flight attendants were everything!!”

Pros: “I like that we eventually arrived at our destination.”
Cons: “Gate 17 at IAH smells of what I assume can only be urine. The carpet is sticky and filthy. The gate organization is chaotic and frustrating. Low cost should not equate to what is being offered at Spirit. No pride seen by employees. Book with someone else.”

Pros: “Price and efficiency was great. No surprises.”
Cons: “Blocked access to WiFi and cell throughout flight”

Pros: “Newer plane”
Cons: “No Wi-Fi available free or for purchase Very tight seating, ntm they don’t recline at all Lots of hidden baggage charges Ticketing agents need more through training on computers”

Pros: “Crew was very professional.”
Cons: “When booking a flight that has a lay-over, the language is not clear to the passenger that each flight requires it’s own carry on bag fee. I understand the mission of Spirit but when someone purchases a 1 stop or more trip it can be very costly! Because of this, my flight was no longer cheaper than any other airline that didn’t charge for carry on bags.”

Cons: “Crapped seating conditions”

Pros: “No delay was okay”

Cons: “Huge delay!!!”

Pros: “Plane wasn’t packed! I love that. No delays except for an early arrival wait…”
Cons: “No wi-fi and desperate fees for bags was a hassle”

Pros: “Ticket price itself was great. Flight was good….smooth flight…no issues. Crew was pleasant.”
Cons: “Having to pay extra for assigned seats. Having to pay an exorbitant amount of money for checked bag(s). Just felt like I was being nickled and dimed to death. As it turns out, cost of ticket was only the beginning. Its all the other “charges and fees” that get you.”

Pros: “Spirit had to put me on a delta flight since they had. O options for me getting to Tampa at a reasonable time. Seats more comfortable, offered complimentary drinks n snacks, smooth flight, on time”
Cons: “NA”

Cons: “Got to my flight 43 minutes before departure and was told I was 2 minutes late to check my bag, roo big to carry on and I couldn’t get another flight til the next day”

Pros: “the seat was just okay”
Cons: “it was late leaving and when landing”

Cons: “Good price ticket”

Pros: “Flight was undersold, so I was able to move after to an empty row a while after take off.”
Cons: “They changed my gate close to boarding time and did not get any notification except email. When it was well past the scheduled start of boarding I checked my email and realized that they had changed the gate. Walked to the other and boarded immediately. An announcement at the original gate should have been made.”

Pros: “Flight crew was friendly and boarding was easy.”
Cons: “After boarding the flight was delayed for a mechanical issue for almost an hour. It did not give me confidence about the overall safety of the plane that they found a serious mechanical issue at the last second before the plane was going to take off.”

Cons: “Incredibly delayed flight. Flight attendants didn’t know where pilot was and plane was hour late taking off due to pilot being MIA.”

Cons: “Customer assistants were extremely rude. I paid for 2 plane tickets one for me and one for my 2 year old and we had one carry on each spirit made me pay for one carry on and it was $120. Flights might be less expensive but the service and every other thing they charge for is not worth it. Will not fly spirit again.”

Pros: “Fast simple boarding. Left a little late but made up most of the time in flight.”

Pros: “Nothing”
Cons: “The application of Kayak is getting trouble in the application process”

Pros: “Crew was wonderful, very helpful and caring.”
Cons: “seats were very close, but we were lucky because it was a light flight and no one sat in the third seat.”

Pros: “Seats were comfortable – we just picked random on the seat selection ( couldn’t afford the extra leg room ones) and with the full flight we ended up in the business class seats! pilot and crew were funny, efficient, entertaining and good spirited – the snack selections were good landed 30 minutes ahead of schedule!”

Pros: “Nothing”
Cons: “Canceled flight, gave no options for another flight. Then the money I payed Kayak to book the flight they told me they would not reimburse.”

Pros: “Nothing”
Cons: “Everything”

Pros: “all”
Cons: “The sit problem”

Pros: “Flight on time”
Cons: “Fees for carry on bag range from $9 to $100 For same thing This is like going to a store and paying up to Ten times as much for the same item Depending on when you pay for it Even the flight attendants joke about charging For air toilets seat belts etc”

Pros: “Cheap and efficient”
Cons: “Seating cramped, seats do not recline”

Pros: “That day was very windy and rainy at BWI and there had been some delays for weather, but the staff was very patient and professional in handling the crowds”
Cons: “People that were rude to the Spirit staff members.”

Pros: “I got here safely”

Pros: “The flight was okay overall.”
Cons: “My Bag fee was $50… ridiculous!”

Cons: “I was offered one of the larger seats at check-in for my bad back and then spent 2 hours in the row behind them listening to two young women giggling the whole way”

Pros: “Baby changing tables in the bathrooms, meaning your tray table is much cleaner!”
Cons: “Bring an empty reusable water bottle to the airport and fill it once past security because you have to pay for water in flight.”

Pros: “flight was on time”
Cons: “I was schocked to have to pay $110 for my carry on! This was th worst news I had on my vacation!I’m a senior citizen living on a fixed income. This charge is totally uncalled for! It poses no issue with other passengers, the airline provides no service for this, why is there a charge for this? It’s absolutely a complete ripoff to the customer and a cash cow for the airline! Then a charge of $3 for a cup of coffee? This airline offers NO CUSTOMER SERVICE at all! Because of these outrageous charges, I will not due any future business with this airline! As a senior citizen I believe I should receive a complete refund of the baggage charge!”

Cons: “Did NOT like paying $55 per person for carry on baggage each way This was a rip off and unexpected. Probably wont fly Spirit again and will steer others away also. If youre going to charge such outrageous amounts for carry on bags you should make it clearly known when people book. I feel a bit ripped off.”

Cons: “Incorrectly/ overpriced checked bags No tray table No complimentary food Seats do not recline”

Pros: “all enjoyable”

Pros: “Price is great, as is being straight forward about things that aren’t available to offer a great price.”
Cons: “I don’t understand the rationale of charging to pick a seat. I was happy with my random pick… maybe it’d be a bigger deal if I were traveling with someone.”

Pros: “I will never again use spirit.”

Pros: “I will not use them. Again.”

Pros: “Same as above”
Cons: “Same as above”

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