How To Clean A Boat, The RIGHT Way | Boat Maintenance Basics with Florida Sportsman [2021]

How To Clean A Boat With Every boat needs the basics on board to help you keep your rig clean and give it a longer life. Here our guys team up with Star Brite Solutions for a video series with great tips to keep your rig looking its best. #Boating #Boat #BoatCleaner #Cleaning101 #BoatCleaning […]

Distant Pursuit – Florida Sport Fishing TV – Gulf Snapper Grouper Tuna Jigging Deep Drop

Hop aboard the legendary Yankee Capts as we steam over the horizon on our annual long range adventure 100+ miles into the Gulf of Mexico in search of snapper, tuna, tilefish and more. ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ FLORIDA SPORT FISHING TV ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ I’m Capt. Mike Genoun. I created and have hosted Florida Sport Fishing TV since 2010. Our […]

Episode 113: Inshore Fishing Is On FIRE! Flounder Closes Oct 15 | Action Spotter Podcast

Find out where the bite will be in this weeks Action Spotter Podcast. Do you have a question about fishing in your area? Email and we’ll answer your questions on the air! Download for the best tips of the trade right in your pocket, any time, anywhere. Subscribe to get notified when a new […]

Florida Sportsman Project Dreamboat – Redington Mako & Purchasing Your Own Dreamboat [2021]

Dave at Rocky Point Boat Worx takes on refreshing and updating a classic Mako, aiming for quick flip profits. George LaBonte joins Brad Redington aboard his classic 17’ Mako. Then at TRB, Dale and his wife visit Birdsall Marine to discuss console and top options for their Stamas overhaul.


Moment surfer is surrounded by SHARKS while swimming in Florida

DRAMATIC pictures show the moment a surfer became surrounded by sharks prowling around him in the ocean. Eli McDonald was on a trip to Brevard County, Florida, with his fiancée when he got caught up in a school of fish before realizing several sharks were lurking behind him. 3His fiancee Laura Evans took the heart-stopping…


FSU Campus Recreation | Rez Lakefront Park

Enjoy the Lake Take a dip in our guarded, designated swimming area. Children under age 15 must pass a swim test to swim in the deep water. Or, simply enjoy our sandy beach and catch some rays! Enjoy an hour of canoeing and kayaking on Lake Bradford or one of the three adjoining lakes. Or,…


Michael Jackson’s former pet chimp now living a quiet life in Florida

Article content Ever wonder what happened to Bubbles? Article content Well, Michael Jackson’s formerly famous chimpanzee companion has been living in a primate retirement home in the U.S. since 2005, according to the U.K. tabloid The Sun. The newspaper reports that Bubbles, now 38, which is late-middle-aged in a chimp’s lifespan, makes his home these…

How To Renew Waterproofing On Your Boat

How To Renew Waterproofing On Your Boat with How much do you know about fabrics and waterproofing when it comes to your boat? In this video, StarBrite Solutions covers all the bases and how to protect them through all seasons.

How To Eliminate Stains On Your Boat With Star Brite Part 2

How To Eliminate Stains On Your Boat With It’s Tuesday, our man George and the team from StarBrite tackle the "stubborn" stains Jobs are much easier with a little science and the right tool! #Boating #Boat #BoatStain #BoatCleaning #Starbrite #BoatCare See All our How-To Videos at

How To Remove Stains On Your Boat

How To Remove Stains On Your Boat It’s time for a new boat cleaning tip with Solutions. Today’s topics– STAINS! See what it takes to remove pesky stains from your rig. Clean smarter, not harder! Part 2 Coming soon! See all the How-To Videos at #Boating #Boat #BoatStain #BoatCleaning #Starbrite #BoatCare