Avid 23 FS Magnum Review – An Upgraded Aluminum Fishing Platform | Florida Sportsman

Avid 23 FS Magnum Review -  An Upgraded Aluminum Fishing Platform | Florida Sportsman

Avid Boats introduced their line to us with their flagship model- the 23 FS Magnum. It didn’t take us long to realize this boat was a breed apart and featured some smartly designed and solidly engineered qualities.

The construction process Avid uses is a step away from the typical aluminum boat fabrication method. For starters, all of the dead space located throughout the fore and aft decks, along with space between the actual cockpit deck and the hull bottom- and the interior liner walls between the interior and the outer hull sides- are injected with marine grade closed cell foam. This foam in addition to adding flotation also forms a very effective sound barrier. The resulting effect is a very solid feeling and quiet ride.

Next, each part is sanded well and primed in preparation for an application of a Polyurea non-skid coating to add corrosion resistance and grip- and finally, the finish coat of Imron paint. The finished appearance is an extremely durable and high gloss product that gives the Avid a very custom quality.

Another feature worth noting that changes the deck layout nicely is the way Avid has installed their fuel cell under foot rather than the more common method which is within an elevated rear platform. By eliminating the fuel tank above the deck height and placing it below your feet- The 23 FS Mag gains an open cockpit space behind the helm leaning post to stand behind that also frees up space to add a drink cooler underneath the rocket launcher.

The running surface on the Avid is tilted toward the performance designed hulls you’d see on a traditional bass boat that’s intended to run very fast and get you to the spot first. The 23 certainly lives up to the mark here with her Promaster Pad Hull design and lifting strakes.
This model came equipped with a 250 horse Yamaha SHO motor and was impossibly quick out of the hole. Acceleration right through the power band was lightning fast.

Avid Boats- 23 FS Magnum

Length: 22-7
Beam: 8-5
Draft: 12”
Deadrise: 13-degree (45-degree entry)
Weight: 1634
Max HP: 250
Fuel: 42
Base price: 41,415 (56,930- as shown)