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Big Y Fly Co. Inc.

3/19/2022  “Thanks for awesome service with my order! I am so pleased with what you have helped me with as that new reel is going on a custom build rod of mine for a client, having the line loaded is above what I anticipated allowing me to do my test cast a bit early and exceeding my clients expectations! Great Job!” – Gary 3/13/2022  “It was delivered, thank you guys so much. I will definitely being doing business again with you in the very near future. The flys are incredible for the price. I am mind blown at how nice they are for the price. Not only that, I love how you have it categorized by region. Keep up the good work!” – Tim

3/5/2022  “Dear Big Y Fly, Very impressed with the Euro Nymphs I just received. Looking forward to fishing em on my local tailwater, Putah Creek, CA next weekend! Service etc was excellent. Let me know if / where a public endorsement would be of use. Kind regards” – Mark Whitty

3/4/2022  “Big Y has the best prices and variety of flies available. Especially like the selection of assortment flies. I have bought two assortments so far and plan to order an additional two. Best prices around and great customer service. A raise of the glass to the hard working folks at Big Y. I’m an avid customer and recommend them to everyone.” – Dan 3/2/2022  “Nothing bad to say about BIG Y.  Always nothing but quality flies and merchandise. Great customer service and fast shipping. Thank you for all you do for the fly fishing community.” – Larry



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Reviewer:  Luke    (MN Driftless)


2 days mid-March, 4 streams, 40 fish This fly is one of the top producers early in the year in the Driftless. Your version is impeccably tied, and didn’t start falling apart until well after over a dozen fish had their way with it.


Reviewer:  Jeff    (Western PA)

I went 6wt option and I completely understand the story about the owner of BigYFly not giving up this rod when testing a variety of prototypes. I have tried 10 different rod companies during the past couple years – this one hits all the marks and covers the bases at a reasonable price. The color of the 5


Reviewer: AC_IPA   (Wisconsin)


Site window is nice, I like that hooks slide in to the foam without getting stabbed into it. Appreciate the deep box on the back side for big flies like the Hex bug and such.


Reviewer:  Jim    (Southern PA)

Used this fly during the huge 17 year cicada hatch in the summer of 2021 in South Central PA/Northern MD. The wild browns and brookies hammered this fly. Some of the fish I caught on this fly were so fat and full of cicadas you could actually see the cicadas still moving in their stomachs. This hatch is supposed to be heavy in the Upper-Central part of PA this summer. I will be carrying plenty of these with me.


Reviewer: AJ    (Florida)

This is a great fly for fall browns and winter steelhead on the tributaries of Lake Ontario. I like to fish it under an indicator

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