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Florida Boating Safety Course

Here’s how to get started or return to your course:

                             We launched a completely new platform for our free online course on 11/18/2020!

Our old course system is officially retired but if you need to access your certificate of completion, you can request a copy through this form

                             <p>For a brief tutorial on getting started in the new system or to contact us, <a href="">click here.</a></p>                                 <h3>Questions About Cards</h3>                                 You can print your 90-day temporary course completion certificate from your My Courses screen or your completion email and use it immediately.<p>Your record of completion will automatically be sent to Florida. If you chose the electronic card, you will receive it from the state of Florida within 24 hours of completion. If you chose the plastic card, you will receive it from the state in the mail within 3 - 4 weeks. We do not handle the electronic or hard plastic cards. Please reach out to the Florida Fish & Wildlife directly.                                  </p>

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