Florida Man Writes a Book About Surfing Goat

Florida man writes children’s book about surfing goat. Spawned from COVID-19 lockdown and bedtime story demand from oldest child.


Orlando, FL, June 15, 2021 –(PR.com)– Everyone thinks they can write and publish a children’s book these days. Athletes, actors, musicians, and, apparently, a dad with absolutely no literary experience. During the COVID-19 quarantine, Kyle Monahan of Orlando, Florida, was sent to work from home. During this period, he was able to spend more time with his family which included telling bedtime stories. However, his daughter didn’t want the same story every night and quarantine dragged on, as you may remember. He had to get creative to keep up with the story demand and one night, “Pamplemousse The Surfing Goat,” was born. “Pamplemousse” is a fun story about a surf-loving goat who runs into an unexpected obstacle when trying to compete in his very first surfing contest.

The story was such a hit that his daughter asked for it again and again which gave Monahan an idea. What if he could follow the lesson from the book and find a way around the obstacles of self-publishing to make this a real book? It was an opportunity to demonstrate to his daughter that nothing is out of reach.

Now, after nearly a year of reviewing sketches, color palette options, and final renderings it is finally published.

Being able to accomplish whatever you set your mind to, despite any perceived deficiencies or lack of experience, is a message that will forever be synonymous with “Pamplemousse” in the Monahan household and, perhaps, in yours as well.

Just in time for summer comes the release of “Pamplemousse,” a surf-loving goat. With fun, colorful illustrations this book makes for an enjoyable read you’ll want to keep coming back to.

The book is currently available for purchase on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle formats.

A book launch event is being held the first week of July at The Soda Fountain in College Park (www.thesodafountain.com). You can visit the book’s website at www.PamplemousseBook.com for more information.

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