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Watermans Challenge is back

Portfolio: Allan Margolis/ Photo: Scruggs

South Beach Memories

Murf and Blake’s surf session…

FSM Digital Archive

                                  <ul><li>                                                                    <h4>WATERMANS CHALLENGE IS BACK!</h4>                       <p>jUNE 5-6</p>                                     </li>                                                                               <li>                                                                    <h4>Portfolio: Allan Margolis</h4>                                                          </li>                                                                               <li>                                                                    <h4>South Beach Memories</h4>                       <p>I think the magic time was the mid-1950’s to about 1962. This was when there were a few people surfing, mostly guys, mostly in their 20’s and 30’s.</p>                                  </li>                                                                               <li>                                                                    <h4>Murf And Blake- A Legendary Session</h4>                                                            </li>                                                                               <li>                                                                    <h4>FSM Digital Archive</h4>                        <p>Browse rare Florida surf magazines and more!</p>                                     </li>                                           </ul>

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