From $40: Cheap Flights to Pensacola in 2021

Cons: “Boarding from rear to front.”

Cons: “Delta…. they’rrrrrr Grrrreaaate!”

Cons: “Appreciate the communication from pilot when on tarmac”

Cons: “3 hours late!!!”

Pros: “Fast boarding, quick flight, friendly attendants.”

Pros: “Just the crew was super sweet and amazing. Everything else sucks. My seat won’t recline and the flights get delayed all the time. Worst was the state LaGuardia is in right now.”
Cons: “More on time performance would be great from Delta. Seats that actually recline and not get stuck. Screens in all the seats to enjoy entertainment.”

Cons: “The boarding was processed by one agent. He did a fine job but took too long to board. Needed to have 2 people managing boarding the plane”

Cons: “Freezing flight! So cold. From Atlanta to Pensacola in June, one should not freeze.”

Pros: “The check in process was smooth and the flight crew were pleasant”
Cons: “some of the TSA crew were rude/seemed to be doing a lazy job with helping load items on the belt”

Cons: “Got to final destination, baggage was discovered to be lost somewhere between Dallas and Bahrain”

Pros: “Crew was very nice.”
Cons: “Long delay with vague explanations why.”

Pros: “The plane was 2 hours late and I could not get home. Missed the connection to Greenville at 11:38. They told me there were no hotels in Atlanta and I would have to stay in the airport and then take the 8:55 am fight to Greenville. That took an hour in line and there was no help.”
Cons: “The pilot was awesome. He flew as fast as he could to help anyone make their connection but it didn’t help. But I appreciate him trying. Just frustrated that being military I didn’t get to board earlier or that they didn’t help me find a way home”

Pros: “It was a brand new 737-900 with legroom, atmospheric lighting, very quiet engines, and LEGROOM in coach. The flight crew was top-notch as well.”
Cons: “Nothing. Delta did very well with this one.”

Pros: “First class flight attendant shantee was fantastic. Breakfast was strange menu…but tssted ok.”
Cons: “Better menu choice.”

Pros: “The crew was excellent”
Cons: “We had mechanical problems and had to come back to Atlanta, get off our plane and get on another one”

Pros: “I always appreciate in-flight television even on short flights.”
Cons: “Very tight seating.”

Pros: “The crew on the airplane was great. We had 2.5 hours turbulences but the crew started to give out drinks as soon they got the ok from the pilot”
Cons: “We went in LGA to the Baggage drop off and the employee there was super rude. On the flight to New York with Delta we had to check our carry ons at the gate because it wasn’t enough room for bags in the airplane.so we asked when we checked our one suitcase if we can/should check our carry ons to avoid having to do it at the gate. The delta employee told me sure no problem. He checks in my one suitcase I purchased gives me the tracking paper and says ok have a good flight. I asked him so what is with our carry ons and he told us that that would cost 25$ and we can’t check those in at the drop off?!?We ended up taking the carry ons with to the gate and then off course there wasn’t enough room on the airplane that we had to check it in. And surprise it was free?? We had never issues with Lufthansa, icelandair etc. with checking our bags at drop off to not needing to carry it around and than still end up to check it at the airplane. Every airline has been more than happy that we volunteer to check our bags that they don’t have the trouble at the gate.”

Pros: “Cincinnati airport was clean and efficient”
Cons: “MCO airport gate was a mess and did not have easy access to charge phones.”

Cons: “The flight was very hot. Passengers near me were sweating and we Hall had thick layers on because it was cold out. I understand trying to make it warm it there’s no need to turn up the heat that high.”

Cons: “The flight was 2.5 hours late making me miss my connecting flight and I didn’t receive a refund for the comfort seats I paid for but didn’t get.”

Cons: “Waited in the runway and then taxied forever”

Cons: “The flight crew were great”

Pros: “The flight was fine. I don’t do 5 stars ever since they started pushing the limits on seating. I also have a problem with the wide swing in prices for the same flight but know that is marketing.”
Cons: “Seating is too crowded for anyone to be truly comfortable”

Pros: “Easy boarding nice clean and spacious, I am tall so it is sometimes difficult to have enough space in aricraft. Staff was very nice, polite and helpfull during the long 12h flight, very nice job indeed!”

Pros: “The fact I arrived safely”
Cons: “Delayed 40 min then boarded the plane without pilots. Waited another 30 mins for pilots and by the time they got there and settled weather delayed. Sat on plane for another 30 mins then were finally let off the plane. Quiet announcements for reboard most passengers late. Then waited in line for take off for another 25 min. Whole thing was poorly executed. Would expect better from a large airline”

Pros: “Cannot. Figure out how to use the wifi.”

Pros: “Flight was on time with enough connection time to board with zero issues”
Cons: “No problems on this trip”

Pros: “I enjoy being a Gold SkyMiles member, which gives me the perk of being in priority boarding. I also enjoy seating in Delta comfort, especially on long flights such as the one to LA. Delta has greatly improved on keeping their passengers entertained by having the latest movies to watch, as well as, satellite television. Additionally, the mobile app is excellent since it allows you to check in and track your luggage.”
Cons: “Delta needs to improve their food and snack choices. The snack choices (cookies, chips, fruit, pretzels) wasn’t horrible but could be better. As far as food to purchase, Delta’s menu is extremely limited and not worth the price of purchasing.”

Pros: “Everything”
Cons: “Nothing”

Pros: “Wouldn’t know wasn’t able to make it to the flight”
Cons: “The fact that for the second time in 2 months Delta issues kept me from making my flight”

Pros: “Airport is clean and easy to to use. TSA easy to go through. No lines. Boarding was easy with no issues. On-time”

Pros: “It’s Delta so I got miles”
Cons: “Cramped seats, no food. It’s not what you’d expect from Delta. Exit row doesn’t help, and forget the bulkhead if you’re over 5ft 8in. Look for a flight with first class or a bigger plane, they have them”

Pros: “The USB connection at my seat worked; it often does not, so this was an improvement. The turkey sandwich was moist and delicious.”

Pros: “Great service and gate facilities were the best anywhere”

Cons: “Delayed flight, mechanical”

Pros: “The quickness of the flight. We left on time and made if a few many prior than scheduled.”
Cons: “Felt sort of cramped. My neighbor in the windo seat got up four times so I had to get up.”

Pros: “John at Destin/Fort Walton Beach airport (VPS)was excellent! Helped us overcome some problems & get us seated. All worked fine from there.”
Cons: “No problems”

Pros: “Great helpful​ happy staff, made you feel welcome. Good atmosphere and peaceful. Food excellent.”
Cons: “On transatlantic flight , seats comfortable but inadequate recline for a night flight and no footrest.”

Pros: “The leg room and freedom of not having another seat in front of me throughout this flight was great. It made getting comfortable a lot easier.”
Cons: “We couldn’t hear the overhead announcements at all. Seated right next to the turbine intake on the wing made the amount of ambient noise especially high, so all the in-flight announcements were pretty much unintelligible.”

Pros: “very attentive service and remarkably tasty food in first class”
Cons: “seat was tight. not much legroom and very claustrophobic when the person in front of me reclined his seat.”

Pros: “Good seat, easy on and off, everything went a little ahead of schedule and smooth”

Cons: “Too little leg room; hit entrees poor tasting”

Pros: “Service”
Cons: “Old aircraft”

Pros: “Very good boarding process and on time for out international flight.”

Pros: “The crew was quite pleasant.”
Cons: “The boarding process is very confusing. There are so many different boarding priorities and programs, it is difficult to know where you are in the boarding process. Even if you have a ticket labeled as Group 1, you may still be one of the last boarded because of all the different programs that have priority over you. Would be better to limit the advance boarding to people who need extra help and a single program. This leads to the question, why are there so many different programs? Wouldn’t it be easier to have a single loyalty program? If you don’t qualify for advance boarding because you did not purchase a first class seat, or you haven’t reached the advance boarding requirements, you don’t qualify. Let’s start thinking about the customer again, and less on the profit margin. How would one of your executives feel if they had a boarding Group 2 and 85% of the plane was already boarded by the time your group was called, thereby limiting the space for your correct size carry-on? One more thing that would be beneficial, enforce the size limit for carry-on luggage. I have been to airports that limit the size with a box on the x-ray machine so you can not even get an oversized piece of luggage through security. Just one idea for the industry.”

Pros: “USB and AC power supplied in-seat is incredibly nice feature.”
Cons: “1 of the 3 bags we checked was forgotten at JFK airport. Since we had a 5 hour layover, Delta had ample time to get the bag on the plane.”

Cons: “food made me sick, the seat wouldn’t move back, the screen for the “entertainment” was out of focus”

Pros: “Crew was not helpful. Our flight was diverted to Memphis to refuel due to bad weather in Atlanta. The crew would not contact the Atlanta base about connections. Although I ended up making my connecting flight (as it was delayed 2 hours) my baggage has yet to arrive.”

Pros: “I got to where I was going on time.”
Cons: “I didnt have a seat until the entire plane was boarded. The only food was a tiny bag of pretzels,and a cup of soda not even a full can like other airlines. There was no entertainment. Plane was packed full.”

Pros: “Everything”

Pros: “Horrible seats”

Pros: “No one within 6 feet of me.”

Pros: “No traffic to LGA. No security lines. First in line to take off.”
Cons: “Snack options are very poor.”

Cons: “Seat was very hard and uncomfortable”

Pros: “Comfy seat, great entertainment options”

Cons: “Delays”

Pros: “The steward was super friendly.”

Cons: “All good”

Pros: “Arrived on time”

Cons: “Entertainment system for myself and my wife failed after an hour.”

Pros: “Service was great in 1st class”
Cons: “The movie Black k Klansman was great but the system had a problem. Not sure if just my seat or the whole digital video system. Every few minutes it would get choppy and unwatchable. I had to rewind and then it would be fine for a while. Like a video buffering problem.”

Pros: “There was a short delay but it was done professionally and I got a notice about it. I had nice people seating next to me and the craw was ok.”
Cons: “It was upsetting that they didn’t have earbuds/headphones as my iPhone headphones can’t connect to the TV so I had to watch a movie without sound. You should have extras. I also wish they had a banana for us, it’s better than pretzels. And cheep and healthy.”

Pros: “On time and quick boarding.”

Pros: “on time”
Cons: “n/a”

Pros: “Prompt on time service.”
Cons: “N/A”

Pros: “The fight was fantastic.”
Cons: “Baggage claim took an hour”

Cons: “It was great, but returning home was bad”

Pros: “It was incident free.”
Cons: “I can’t comment on food. I didn’t get any.”

Cons: “Being delayed”

Pros: “Service top notch”

Cons: “Delay”

Pros: “No complaints!”

Cons: “New cheap fare is honestly offensive trash.”

Pros: “Boarding as quick and efficient. Staff were friendly and courteous”
Cons: “Nothing bad to comment on as the trip was a smooth trip”

Pros: “The fly departed on time”

Pros: “Bad weather came in n I was rerouted on Time”

Pros: “Good Airplane”
Cons: “Delays and baggage delayed”

Pros: “It was on time boarding and landing”

Pros: “Small airport”
Cons: “Service and flexibility, needed to call online for assistance”

Pros: “My neighbor.”
Cons: “We sat on the tarmac for over an hour for no apparent reason.”

Cons: “No priority boarding for people with babies and toddlers”

Pros: “Nothing”
Cons: “It’s AA, never again”

Pros: “Planes boarded on time”
Cons: “Long wait on runway before take off”

Cons: “Everything”

Cons: “7uk”

Pros: “My trip was awesome and very easy.”

Pros: “Movie selection is great.”
Cons: “No cookies :(”

Cons: “Space between seat rows to small”

Pros: “It is good”

Pros: “This time every thing excellent”

Cons: “No tv on seat. Those dumb comedy tv show”

Cons: “Entertainment was boring”

Cons: “Good service ! Window seat!”

Pros: “Not enough luggage space for regular number of passengers on board”

Pros: “On time”

Cons: “Delay!!”

Pros: “The service was excellent Very cleaning airplane The people the travel was super good especially the children.”

Cons: “Did not allow me to sit in the location I had been assigned.”

Pros: “On time and smooth”

Pros: “Very nice and showed concern for safety. That made me feel good.”
Cons: “No in flight DirecTV”

Pros: “I missed my flight due to a delayed flight from denver to Washington. When I arrived I beg if there is a sooner flight to Geneva. They said no more. They book me another flight which has more connections. When I was waiting for my next flight there were actually more flight going and direct to Geneva before my flight. I even ask the gate personel if There is more seats avilable for one of those flight before my flight. They said yes but because I had a luggage it will take time to transfer my luggage and they will end up being delayed. United airlines is HORRIBLE!!! My flight were delayed and with that they should have more consideration for those costumers who were delayed. But instead of being kind and considerate. They had book me a later flight and the worse thing is the itenerary had more connections. Very Exhausting. The other costumer when we were in the line at the costumer service desk some people were given flight which are like 12 hrs away. How Horrible service. I WILL NOT FLY WITH UNITED AIRLINES AGAIN. Very POOR SERVICE.”

Pros: “Read above”

Cons: “I was very cold!”

Pros: “1st class experience was great.”
Cons: “Time between load and take off”

Pros: “Ok, since United now serves complimentary Illy coffee, it is much better!! Thank you for the great improvement. Sometimes it’s the little things that make a big difference!”

Pros: “Everything was fine.”

Pros: “She didn’t smile Speak as we boarded Had attitude”

Pros: “Able to sleep the whole way”
Cons: “Nothing in particular”

Pros: “Being extremely punctual.”
Cons: “Nothing!”

Pros: “It was on time”
Cons: “Nothing”

Pros: “Comfortable the entire trip! 1st class is the only way I will travel any more especially flying all the way across the country! Thank you United!”

Pros: “Roomy”

Pros: “Do delays everything when smoothly”
Cons: “Took a little long for baggage to be released”

Pros: “Same as above”
Cons: “Same as above”

Pros: “The simplicity of your website.”
Cons: “The guy sitting next to me.”

Pros: “The TV and very good selection of new movies”
Cons: “The snacks were too little!!”

Pros: “Same as above.”
Cons: “None”

Pros: “Everything.”


Cons: “Long waiting time to get luggafe”

Pros: “Nothing”
Cons: “Hard landing, puking passenger that started at boarding til landing. Bags were smashed up, that’s just the beginning.”

Pros: “I like that they waited for me before they took off”

Pros: “Departed on time.”
Cons: “Small plane…every seat taken and crowded.”

Pros: “Great service”

Pros: “Everything was great”
Cons: “No complaints”

Pros: “Same as Co’s to Houston”

Pros: “Same as above statement.”
Cons: “Pilot landed the plane a little on the rough side. The Tarmac was definitely felt.”

Pros: “Loved the amenities.”

Pros: “Staff and Pilots did a great job. Wheelchair was much apprecciated!!! Everything was on time or ahead of it. Great landing!! Wish you didn’t charge for baggage and would like better snacks–oh for the good old days!”

Pros: “The landing was not good as we had turbulance. Other than that, everything was good.”

Cons: “The only snack available was a mix that had dairy. Other airlines, like JetBlue not only have a selection from which to choose, but at least one option is vegan.”

Pros: “Not a lot”
Cons: “The fact that we had to get off due to too much fule,didn’t make a lot of us comfortable..when it comes to flying,the whole team needs to be on the same page..makes flyers more comfortable..but things do happen..”

Pros: “Same”
Cons: “Same”

Pros: “Quick, comfortable, smooth, and pleasant”

Pros: “On time”
Cons: “No complaints”

Pros: “Attendants handled everything well!”

Pros: “Spacious!”

Cons: “Turbulence”

Pros: “Great”

Pros: “Delayed in Denver”

Cons: “United had 3 gate changes. Ok sometimes that happens. This was said due to a storm out of colorado”

Pros: “Quick, no turbulence, friendly attendants”

Pros: “Nothing”
Cons: “Everything. United made no apologies.”


Cons: “The lavatory had an issue causing a 35 min late start.”

Cons: “Everything”

Cons: “I did not like having to check my carry on after all. I was told the overheads were full so I could get it in Baggage after the trip. For health reasons I did not want the trip to baggage and I did not want to risk my bag being lost. I drive 3 hrs o the airport and I did not want to drive back or wait 3 days for a lost bag to be sent to me as I have before. The person at the gate was rude when I said you won’t lose my luggage will you? he said Probably. I said really, and he said well you did ask.”

Cons: “Nothing”

Pros: “Was on a larger regional small jet. The service was great. Lots of legroom.”

Cons: “There was a hurricane and I couldn’t get you to cancel my flight. I was not able to fly because of car damage and work responsibilities from the storm. I am waiting to hear from Allianz, the insurance company to see if I will get a refund.”

Pros: “Great crew, pilot was friendly and completely on-point, they had a funny sunscreen on the windshield of the cockpit, comfy seats, just a wonderful flight!”
Cons: “Nothing!”

Pros: “Very helpful with my wheelchair and getting me to the gate.”
Cons: “The pilot was quite bumpy when landing.”

Pros: “Direct flight. On time. Quick boarding and unboarding. Reasonable price.”
Cons: “Honestly a little louder than I expected. Not sure what the solution might be other than offering or suggesting earplugs? Makes me sound old – but we bought earplugs for flight home”

Pros: “The crew”
Cons: “J ust scared flying prop plane”

Pros: “My 2+ hour flight was made better by the great conversation of my flight attendant. Sitting in seat 2A, we chatted the entire time about all sorts of things that that made the trip seem a lot shorter. A small water (with ice if you want) and Cheez-Its were handed out.”
Cons: “Kayak sent me to another gate (in a completely different wing) 10 minutes before we had to board, only to redirect me back to the original gate 5 minutes later. That sucked!!”

Pros: “Crew was gracious and helpful.”

Pros: “Crew was pleasant and friendly”
Cons: “The plane was smaller than I expected and rickety. It was loud and vibrated the entire flight. The seat was uncomfortable. Crew was friendly; however, I asked to move to an empty window seat and was told the seat was “unavailable.” Do not recommend. Not worth the money you save.”

Pros: “Quick boarding and flight left on time, arrived on time, crew was friendly and comfort was reasonably good for the type of plane.”
Cons: “The landing was a bit rough, but that happens and it is a small plane. Overall it was an excellent flight, I would definitely recommend it.”

Cons: “Very slow to get off plane at Huntsville Airport. Took a long time to get luggage at bag claim. We were the only plane that had landed and we only had 20 people on our flight.”

Pros: “Friendly staff and on time.”
Cons: “It was a good flight”

Pros: “Flight was on time, courteous service.”
Cons: “Because it is a small plane, the cabin noise was noticeably louder.”

Pros: “Delayed in air by storms in PNS for additional 62 minutes flight time”
Cons: “Silver did not let us down and made the landing in PNS”

Pros: “Pilot handled bad weather very well.”
Cons: “Very loud and cramped space.”

Cons: “Multiple delays before and AFTER boarding, too. Frustrating and my experience on this same flight with this same airline several months ago was similarly delayed and disorganized.”

Pros: “No complaints. Boarding was on time. Got to destination early. Staff was friendly. Overall great experience”

Pros: “Was sick and didn’t want to get everyone else sick, and wasn’t offered credit at least.”
Cons: “Next time I guess I’ll go and not concern myself with anyone’s health”

Pros: “Pleasant flight and crew. Nothing fancy. About what you expect”
Cons: “One star on food and entertainment would be better as N/A. None on Silver”

Pros: “From ticketing to boarding everything went smoothly—even the ride”
Cons: “The stewardess and pilot couldn’t get the stair ramp (?) to work.”

Pros: “Horrible, delayed delayed delayed”

Pros: “Departed on time…arrived ahead of schedule. Great flight crew.”

Cons: “After being told that the flight from West Palm would be an hour late leaving West Palm informed the agent that I had a connection in Tampa at 9;15. She stated that I would make the connection without a problem. She later asked how many people were going to Pensacola. I was the only person to raise A HAND. sHE LATER STATED THAt the flight would wait for my connection. We landed at 9:05 and taxied in about 10 min. The flight was to leave at 9:15. The flight attendant on my flight asked where was the connecting flight,they replied it left already. Iwas rebooked on America To Charollet,N C to connect for Pensacola. That took 4hrs more.”

Cons: “This was the rudest and most unprofessional airline staff I have ever worked with in my life. I personally watched the lady at the gate check-in desk straight up lie to a passenger who she didn’t like personally. This passenger was late for boarding by 2-3 minutes (yet still 10 minutes before scheduled take off), and when he arrived at the gate the Silver Airways employee informed him that he would not be allowed to load since the door had already shut and the engines were already running. From my seat though, I could clearly see that the engines were completely still and not yet started. When I noticed this, I started paying closer attention. After pleading with the Silver employee in a civil manner, he began to become agitated with the lack of help he was getting. It was the day after Christmas, and the man was just trying to fly home to his family. The plane was still sitting at the gate, but the Silver employee said (in a very rude fashion) there was nothing she could do except change him to a later flight. 15 minutes go by, and the plane finally starts to back out of the gate. The man who had just missed his flight decided to take the Silver employee up on her offer to switch to the later flight, but when he asked, she looked at her computer and said there was no more space available on the later flight. Disappointed and annoyed, the man left the terminal completely frustrated because she had just offered him a later flight that didn’t have any room left. Or at least that’s what she told him. 2 Minutes later, another man approached the gate desk with the same problem, he missed the same flight. This time though, when she looked up the same exact later flight, it all of a sudden had plenty of space. She even asked the man whether he would prefer an exit row or a window seat. I was left completely dumbfounded. This employee had just told the previous man it was full, and now she was printing a boarding pass for this guy. It was obvious that she liked this man more than the last guy, and that’s why she was able to “help”. This makes me absolutely disgusted with Silver Airlines character and integrity. I will never fly Silver again, and I hope all who read this take my advise.”

Pros: “It was perfectly fine. We had to wait 10-15 minutes for passengers whose connecting flight was delayed, but we still made it to Key West as scheduled.”

Pros: “On time, smooth ride.”

Pros: “On time! Friendly attendant. Very smooth landing. On time.”
Cons: “No complaints.”

Cons: “After going through an extensive line because of security check, I arrived to my designated gate 11 minutes prior to departure. Unfortunately, the Silver Airways representative rudely told me that the airlines had close the doors 15 minutes prior to departure. In other words, I arrived 4 mins after they had closed the doors, and insisted on NOT letting me in. The representative treated me poorly, and was not helpful at that moment.”

Cons: “Toilet broken on flight”

Pros: “Friendly staff.”
Cons: “Hiur and a half delay, broken seat that wouldnt stay reclined.”

Pros: “We boarded and arrived early.”
Cons: “Cramped and noisy.”

Cons: “There was no gate agent available to answer questions and flight was delayed without any announcements or updates until after original takeoff time. Lots of confused passengers.”

Pros: “Nice and quick”

Pros: “Perfect Flight!!!!”

Pros: “Cordiality of the flight attendant and captain/pilot.”

Pros: “Personel”
Cons: “Scared me during storm”

Pros: “Flight was delayed due to maintenance issue. Got us a new plane in an efficient manner and got us on our way.”
Cons: “No food service”

Pros: “Quick and easy boarding, no fuss no muss”
Cons: “Tight quarters on plane”

Pros: “Personnel”
Cons: “Late leaving.”

Cons: “The flight being three hours delayed on a Sunday night when I had to be at work early on Monday made anything the staff could possibly do nearly impossible to make me feel better about the situation”

Pros: “It beats being in the car all those hours, friendly crew, and as always….. Right on time!”
Cons: “It took me back to bad humidity!!!!! Bad hair day is an understatement!”

Pros: “Quiet. Energyefficiency report. The lady who was flight attendant. The “driving” was smooth and even the landing was comfortable. And that we received pilot report that “we will be in the air about an hour and a half”.”

Cons: “Our flight was DELAYED 3+ hours, which resulted in the loss of 1full day in Maramar Beach”

Cons: “They canceled my flight, then canceled the next one, finally got a flight to Miami, which was boarded late and the attendant was extremely rude when I asked about the details of my new flight (like where I was going and when my connection was…). Then, due to weather we were rerouted to Gainsville. They wouldn’t let me get out, even though there was a more direct connection in Gainsville to DC than Miami. Instead I go back to Miami, and even though I make the connecting flight, they sold my seat to a standby customer. I didn’t get home until 11:30pm. I was suppose to arrive home by 12pm. It was awful and the attendants were so unhelpful and rude that it was actually ridiculous. I complained to United and of course they won’t do anything. I don’t qualify for a refund because they switched me over to another airline for the final leg of the trip.”

Pros: “Nothing, we were threaded horribly by the desk people at the gate.”
Cons: “Our flight was moved to a latter flight and when I asked if my luggage were transfer they were upset that I asked. Before we board the plane we asked again about our luggage and they told me the luggages were in the plane. When we were ready to land, they told us they were circling around because there was a plane lading and they didn’t know about it. An hour trip end up taking 6 hours and when we landed we got no luggage. All our cloths and toilet treats were left in Orlando. Worst experience of our life.”

Cons: “No announcement that the flight was delayed in the terminal. Traveler from another airline invited to take our seats when we boarded, we were invited to “sit anywhere”. Flight delayed an hour and a half, longer than the flight takes. Cabin door open during delay, no air conditioning, bad heat, no air circulation. No response to Service Complaint on website.”

Pros: “Everything”
Cons: “N/A”

Pros: “It was cheap”
Cons: “Poor crew service and terrible airplane seats”

Pros: “How friendly the people were”
Cons: “the plane is known for being late”

Pros: “Finally got to key west”
Cons: “Flight was ultimately delayed slightly over five hours and caused us to lose a day of our trip. There were very little updates and info given from the staff and no offers for help with other flights or even a food voucher. I was very disappointed with the whole experience.”

Pros: “Flight attendant was nice.”
Cons: “I could have rented a car and driven to Ft. Lauderdale from Orlando faster! Looked into it but realized I had a non-refundable ticket. Got to Ft. Lauderdale 2 and 1/2 hours later. Rent a car, it will be a lot faster!!!!!”

Pros: “Nothing”
Cons: “A lot. They could have had the decency to empathize with new travelers in this pandemic situation.”

Pros: “The price, and the on-time departure and early arrival.”
Cons: “boarding could have been better as we were in zone 1 and we seem to be ignored for quite some time before getting on the plane”

Pros: “Nothing”
Cons: “At least let the people with no baggage go 1st”

Pros: “The lady was nice.”
Cons: “I hate having to pay for every bag, a half a glass of water, vinyl that looka like it was clawed by a grizzly and then proceeds to stick to my legs so I have big red blocks on the back of my legs. Less expensive tickets are nice but they are a muut point when you end up paying more in the long run.”

Cons: “Yea the tsa precheck was not being able to put on my boarding pass. Hooked me again .”

Pros: “The check in clerk took care to reprint my boarding pass so it reflects my TSA precheck status.”
Cons: “The seat was stiff and uncomfortable”

Pros: “Nothing”
Cons: “Nothing. It’s garbage.”

Pros: “Boarding was fairly quick”
Cons: “Before boarding mention that passengers have to go to their assigned seat.”

Pros: “Yes very courteous”

Cons: “We departed 45 mins late with no explanation”

Pros: “Window seat”
Cons: “Lower fares”

Pros: “Everyone was helpful and friendly.”
Cons: “Not charge so much for luggage and carry-ons.”

Pros: “Nothing”
Cons: “Everything”

Pros: “Clean comfortable plane”

Pros: “Cheap airfare.”
Cons: “The entertainment and small charges.”

Cons: “Have passengers with no carry on off the plane first.”

Pros: “My flight on the 30th was fine. I was NOT on a second flight from Denver to Pensacola. My 360.00 round trip flight to and from Denver has taught me what I should have known. Fly Southwest or another first class airline.”
Cons: “I’ve been asked to evaluate two flights from Denver to Pensacola. If I’m charged for 2 flights, I’ll take legal action.”

Pros: “Nothing”
Cons: “Waiting for 2+ hours at the gate waiting for the plane to leave.”

Cons: “It’d be nice to have internet access, whether free or for purchase”

Pros: “Easy check in”
Cons: “Hard to find my gate”

Cons: “one hour late leaving”

Pros: “Pricing”
Cons: “The space. Very uncomfortable”

Cons: “Delays”

Pros: “efficient boarding good information from pilot”
Cons: “arrival 45 minutes late”

Pros: “I arrived.”
Cons: “It was an hour after boarding before take off. Another 15 minutes on the ground after landing waiting for a gate at midnight on a weekday. I understand that circumstances occur beyond the airlines control, but this has been routinely occurring on my trips with Frontier. Absent compelling reasons, I will not be flying with them again.”

Pros: “Larger seats, friendly flight attendants, casual atmosphere, less chaos than larger airlines. Will recommend and will definitely fly Frontier again.”

Pros: “Where is the soul???”

Pros: “I liked the fact that I can fly red eye.”
Cons: “I typically fly Southwest because of the free leg room, free 2 bags checked, and 2 free carry-ons. Frontier “fee’s” flyers to death. I have to pay extea for leg room????!!! REALLY! I could see if i was 6’6″ but I’m not. If Southwest ever offers red eye flights I’ll never patronize Frontier or another airline again.”

Cons: “Everything, the service and the airline policies are very poor. Will not fly again, save your money.”

Pros: “Friendly staff”
Cons: “$45 to put a carry-on item in the overhead bins is ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Pros: “As above.”
Cons: “As above”

Pros: “It was ok”
Cons: “Cost of pop”

Cons: “Noises sales pitch.”

Pros: “Efficient boarding on and off the plane.”
Cons: “The $75 fee for overweight bags is unreasonable. It should be more like $10 for only a few pounds over 50.”

Pros: “See aforementioned.”
Cons: “Wish that you cou;d use Apple Pay or at least a credit card to purchase snacks/drinks, etc.”

Cons: “Same screaming infants. They were able to sleep but allowed to roam aisles.”

Pros: “Nothing”
Cons: “See above”

Cons: “This airline comes up with every idea possible to charge the costomer. I give the airline a star for being sneaky and sly and having rules and policies to rip off passengers. Because it is brilliant that they con you without breaking any laws.”

Cons: “$60 for a carry on?”

Pros: “helped a person with a disability much bett than United”
Cons: “packed like a cattle car”

Cons: “Having to sit on the plane for four hours in the same position of the seat.”

Cons: “They charged me 70 for bags…. Which is insane…. Without warning basically.”

Pros: “Nothing except one stew. She was funny.”
Cons: “Add on costs. Just post what you want for the fly to begin with. Don’t have times for games. Didn’t use the rest room. Wonder how much that was? Probably read about the trip in my blog- gnatoutdoors.com”

Cons: “No complementary drinks. Short fold down tables.”

Cons: “They lost my baggage, and didn’t make an effort to get it to me the same day.”

Cons: “My mother did not get one of her bag back when we arrived in Seattle”

Cons: “Uncomfortable seating”

Cons: “Certainly NO BARGAIN with all of the addition fees, SEATING WAS MISERABLE!!!!”

Pros: “Great fare.awesome staff.had to wait to load bags.but will fly again”

Cons: “More delays, few answers, no satisfaction. Do whatever you can to avoid flying Frontier.”

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