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Glasstream 260 TE Review – A Sporty Bay Boat Built with Speed and Style in Mind | Florida Sportsman

Glasstream 260 TE Review - A Sporty Bay Boat Built with Speed and Style in Mind | Florida Sportsman

Let’s take a closer look at the Glasstream 260 TE in this Florida Sportsman boat review. The 260 TE from Glasstream is a model with a clearly defined purpose which it fulfills very effectively. The design revolves around building a hull with proportions that give her a race boat appearance- this due in no small part to the race boat legacy dating back to the beginning of
this company’s history.

Combine these racy lines with a center console styled interior that offers a slightly deeper cockpit than your average bay boat- but provides the fishing layout of a bay boat above deck- and you’ll start to understand this boat’s intended sweet spot.

The 260 TE features an elevated forward casting deck with an ankle height toe brace to give you a bit of added security while moving around on deck, keeping in line with a normal bay boat design, yet just below the raised deck is a large below deck insulated fish hold for storing your catch much like an offshore boat would include.

She also comes standard with a pair of live wells to add live baiting to your list of options whether you fish inshore or offshore.

Glasstream adds a larger than average center console than you might typically find on a bay boat to this model. The forward opening door provides access to a generous sized storage area that if you choose to add one is large enough to install a head inside of, as well as store plenty of gear.

From a ride perspective the 260 TE, much like most of this brand’s line up- is a very racy feeling, sporty riding hull. Glasstream builds a foam filled stringer grid into the structural design of the 260 that gives her a solid feeling ride. In the chop, the blend of a 20-degree deadrise bottom and the twin step performance running surface really smooths out the ride when the wind comes up. For the boater that places a high value on the way their boat looks on the water Glasstream is a brand that offers a number of different style choices when it comes to paint and upholstery. Each boat can be built to your personal taste to reflect your own personality.

Glasstream 260 TE

Length: 26-10
Beam: 8-3
Draft: 15”
Deadrise: 20 degree
Weight: 3450
Max HP: 400
Fuel: 92
Base price: 63,350-


For more photos and features of this boat, check out the full review on our website here:

Glasstream 260 TE Boat Review

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