Hobie Mirage Drive System: Next Level of Pedal Power for Kayaks

Hobie Mirage Drive System: Next Level of Pedal Power for Kayaks

Let’s take a closer look at the Hobie MirageDrive lineup and how these pedal drives are upping the pedal kayak game. Kayak fishing has boomed in popularity over the past few years, and with this growth spurt has come a lot of advances in new hull designs, integrated rod and tackle storage, electronics integration, plus developments in seating comfort and overall boat utility. Perhaps the most meaningful introductions have centered around kayak propulsion – beyond the traditional two-bladed paddle.

In terms of the human-powered options, no single introduction has been arguably as significant as Hobie’s 1997 launch of the MirageDrive, the first leg-powered, pedal-driven power plant, with a unique fin propulsion system. This advancement heralded the way for improved hull designs for pure fishing applications, while freeing the angler’s hands for rod manipulation, lure presentation, and for fighting fish.

Hobie has made many improvements to the original MirageDrive since its launch nearly a quarter century ago. Advancements include more efficient fin designs, Glide Technology – where all moveable surfaces of the drive were put on bearings, followed by the MirageDrive 180, which allowed for the first time the drive to be rotated 180 degrees with the pull of a lever for forward and reverse operation.

Today we have the pinnacle of paddle craft control – the MirageDrive 360 – which allows the boat to be moved not only in forward or reverse, but in any other direction as well, diagonally, sideways, crab-walked, even spun on its axis for getting out of and into tight spots. The 360 Drive is as nimble as it is powerful, making it exciting to weave through obstacles and easy to stay on top of fish.

For the kayak fisher, boat control can often be the defining factor of success, and no other human-powered propulsion system offers more precision, versatility and control than Hobie’s new MirageDrive 360.

Available exclusively on the Pro Angler 12 and Pro Angler 14 360 Series. You’ve never seen a kayak move like this before.