Surfing Unibrow FST Surfboard – FCS – 5’6″

Firewire Unibrow FST Surfboard – FCS – 5’6″

The Unibrow design is inspired by many different boards, including the Dominator, Sweet Potato and Potato-Nator. The outline curve is compressed from a regular shortboard without sacrificing the width needed to maximize paddling and planing speed.The goal was to design a very high-performance shortboard that didn’t feel too ‘bulky’ in good surf when you can ride something other than a groveler. The rail profile is dropped and very sensitive, especially through the tail. The bottom has an aggressive single concave that starts in the nose, carries through the deep spot forward of the fins and splits into a subtle double concave that then directs the water flow to the inside of the front fins.The fin box fits FCS fins. Fins sold separately.
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