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Invincible 37 Catamaran Review – A Spacious and Stable Cat for the Finicky Folks | Florida Sportsman

Invincible 37 Catamaran Review - A Spacious and Stable Cat for the Finicky Folks | Florida Sportsman

Let’s take a closer look at the Invincible 37 Cat in this review. Like anyone familiar with the unsettling habit most catamarans have of leaning away from the direction you turn them, I was pleasantly surprised to feel the Invincible 37 lean into the turn more like a mono hull. This is a byproduct of the asymmetrical design of the twin hulls and it completely changed my perception of the catamaran experience.

The rep from Invincible told me to go ahead and bring her up to cruising speed and try cutting a hard turn. With a gradual increase in speed, I carefully did as he instructed and soon we were pulling hairpin turns at 35 MPH without any slippage or anyone feeling like they were about to be ejected from the opposite side of the boat. At speeds up to 60 MPH we did some of the most radical maneuvering from every angle of attack and I could not make the 37 pound or get anyone wet.

The impossibly stable 37 by 12-foot deck outline was so easy to navigate around that we all kept shaking our heads repeating, “How big is this boat?” An extra-large coffin box seat in the bow was a smart addition to the pair of below deck compartments on either side of it. A triple wide comfortable seat atop the coffin added to the comfort.

The space alongside of a three-sided enclosed hard top console was wide open continuing into a roomy cockpit. The helm station on this model included back to back seating with a triple wide seat facing forward with the wheel positioned at center and another triple wide rear facing cockpit seat to relax from while monitoring your trolling spread.

A pair of large livewells in the cockpit include a wide cross transom height tank and another 70-gallon tank in the deck. Each well is supplied by a Sea Chest system and they can be supplied by up to six pumps. A pair of long deep insulated fish holds are located to port and starboard adjacent to the helm station with a pair of compartments behind them in opposite corners of the transom.

Invincible 37 Cat

Length: 37-0
Beam: 12-0
Draft: 20”
Deadrise: N/A (cat)
Weight: 14000
Max HP: 1800
Fuel: 640
Base price: 512,000-

Invincible Boats

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