New 2023 Reels from Daiwa: Innovations with Tanacom & Saltiga Series’

New 2023 Reels from Daiwa: Innovations with Tanacom & Saltiga Series'

Florida Sportsman Managing Editor Steve Dougherty joins Marc Mills, Senior Marketing Manager for Daiwa Reels, during the 2023 Miami International Boat Show to discuss Power Assist Reels from Daiwa, the Tanacom 1200 and the new Tanacom 800. Both models sport a lightweight and incredibly strong aluminum body that is fully sealed, so you can simply wash them off at the end of the day without worrying about your electronics. They also have a 30 percent faster retrieval rate and 20 percent more power with 22lbs of max winding power. Maximum drag pressure has improved, standing at a trophy-turning 50 pounds. Kite-fishing fans will also appreciate the oversized line guide aperture which is big enough to let swivels and large knots pass through, so go ahead and crank that rig right up to your rod tip. Still, the biggest improvement must be the new motor placement and gearing system.

Previous Tanacom reels had the motor on the front which was sufficient. The Tanacom 1200 and 800, however, have the motor and new gearing hidden inside the spool itself – and that positioning really makes a difference in the reels’ outstanding performance. This new engineering design allows the same dependable motor to generate even more power, speed and efficiency. Combine that with the rigid frame and side-plates, plus repositioned bearings that see less water exposure, and these reels are ready to rock and roll. Anglers can choose to fight fish with the power lever and aluminum round knob or let the 12-volt power variable-speed assist do the heavy hauling.

The Tanacom 1200 holds an astounding 1,100 yards of 80-pound-test Daiwa J-Braid – that’s 220 yards more than the Tanacom 1000. The Tanacom 800 holds 660 yards of 80-pound-test Daiwa J-Braid – 220 yards more than the Tanacom 750.

Both the Tanacom 800 & 1200 MSRP at $799.99

Tanacom 800:
Tanacom 1200:

Steve and Marc also talk about the latest additions and innovations to the Saltiga Spinning Reel lineup, the 4000, 5000 and 6000. See more info here:

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