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Paddling Launch

Canoe Rentals

Are you up the creek without a paddle? Perhaps without a canoe or kayak? Not anymore! Paddlers to Weedon Island Preserve can now rent a canoe, kayak, or SUP from Sweetwater Kayaks and enjoy natural Florida by leisurely floating along the shores of Riviera Bay or on the South Paddling Trail. Expert instruction and Private Tours are also available. Weekday and weekend rentals are available. All you supply is the desire to paddle, a few canoe/kayak companions and some free time!

Paddling Trails

The canoe/kayak launch is adjacent to the fishing pier at the end of Weedon Drive NE. The South Paddling Trail is accessible from this launch site. Restrooms and a canoe washing station are also located here.

The South Paddling Trail is a four-mile loop best accessed at the canoe launch next to the fishing pier at the end of Weedon Drive NE. This trail meanders through mangroves and seagrass flats and between islands of the preserve and along the edge of Tampa Bay. Expect to see wading birds such as reddish egret, roseate spoonbills and white ibis.

The trail is best accessed during mid to high tides so be sure to check a tide chart before venturing on the paddling trail. Also, familiarize yourself with our suggested trail companions and trail rules before pushing off on your excursion.
Activities in the preserve are governed by the Pinellas County Preserve Ordinance Chapter 90, while activities on the water are governed by the Waterways Ordinance Chapter 130.

         <h2>             <a href="http://www.weedonislandpreserve.org//"></a>Suggested Trail Companions</h2>             <p>             For our paddling trails, please consider taking the following: </p>             <p> </p>             <ul><li>Hat<br /></li>               <li>Sunscreen <br /></li>               <li>Insect repellent <br /></li>               <li>Drinking water and snacks <br /></li>               <li>Binoculars and identification guides <br /></li>               <li>Cell phone (for emergency use) <br /></li>               <li>Closed-toe shoes that can get wet <br /></li>               <li>A plan left with a friend or family member that identifies which trail you will be on and when you expect to return<br /></li>               <li>Local tide charts - many trails are difficult to navigate at low tide <br /></li>               <li>Your Personal Flotation Device (PFD)           </li>             </ul><h2>             Trail Regulations: </h2>             <p>             When canoeing or kayaking, please remember: </p>             <p> </p>             <ul><li>All domesticated animals, including dogs, are not allowed. <br /></li>               <li>All plants and animals in the preserve are protected. <br /></li>               <li>Littering is prohibited. Place trash in trash containers (at launch sites) <br />or pack it out. <br /></li>               <li>Glass containers are not allowed.<br /></li>               <li>Alcoholic beverages are not allowed. <br /></li>               <li>Smoking is not allowed.</li>             </ul><p> </p>               <p> </p>             <p> </p>               <p> </p>             <p> </p>               <p> </p>               <p><img src="http://www.weedonislandpreserve.org//images/arrow_up2.gif" alt="Return to Top" width="9" height="6" /><a href="#top">Return to top</a></p>               <p> </p>

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