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Sailfish 272 CC Review – A Popular, Stylish Center Console with New Improvements | Florida Sportsman

Sailfish 272 CC Review - A Popular, Stylish Center Console with New Improvements | Florida Sportsman

Let’s take a closer look at the Sailfish 272 CC in this Florida Sportsman boat review. This new addition to the lineup from Sailfish really illustrates a point that never escapes me when I’m talking to their team about these boats. Sailfish has made a concerted effort to listen to what their customers have to say about their boats. Whether it’s what they like or LOVE, what they don’t like, or most importantly, what they’d like to see added to a model, Sailfish takes all feedback to heart and acts accordingly when considering any design improvements or new models.

The 272CC demonstrates what happens when you take an already popular sized model in your fleet and push the limit a little further. For me this first stood out to me with the ride and handling on this model. The Variable Degree Stepped Hull is a combination of deadrise angles that work together in three stages to improve the ride and keep you comfortable and dry.

Running the entire length of the running surface at the keel they start with a twenty-four-degree angle to part the ocean’s surface. A transition strake with a downward turn to create lift changes the angle to twenty- three degrees, and above this section another downward facing strake brings the angle lower once again to twenty-two degrees. The outer edge of this third section terminates with a reverse angle chine at the outside of the boat’s beam.

The combination of angles provides lift while you’re accelerating, a soft ride, and between the downward angled transition points on the bottom and a wide bow flare above the waterline, a nice dry ride on a windy day when the chop kicks up.

The 272CC features the same sixth generation version of this unique running surface as Sailfish’s flagship 360CC. And much like I was when I tested the 360, I was significantly impressed with the handling and performance on this model. From the hole shot to plane and through the entire cruising range, the 272CC knows where you’re pointing her and doesn’t give you any back talk. More specifically, this boat tracks easily and will hold a specific heading nicely. The trim characteristics on the 272 were also impeccable. The need to constantly be adjusting trim tabs whenever a passenger changes position inside the boat can be slightly annoying for the driver if not a little distracting but there was none of that necessary with this model.

Another detail that will affect your user experience if you find yourself at the wheel on a boat is the helm layout. Sailfish has brought a new look to the 272 with a very stylish looking three-sided glass enclosure under their hard top. This is a look that’s gaining popularity lately and their version of it works perfectly. This enclosure protects you from the weather and the large top provides plenty of shade for everyone.

The black acrylic dash panel is also angled perfectly for optimal visibility and large enough to accommodate all instrumentation and a 16-inch MFD screen.

Sailfish is clearly a company with a mission statement they take seriously. “Fishing focused, Family friendly” is more than just a pitch line for this brand- it’s a goal that they take to heart and the byproduct of their effort is written all over this new model.

Sailfish 272 CC

Length: 27-0
Beam: 9-1
Draft: 18”
Deadrise: 22-24 degree
Weight: 6850
Max HP: 400
Fuel: 177
Base price: 178,056-


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