See Through Canoe™ (Since 2007) Built Tough, Not Cheap! The Transparent Kayak/Canoe Hybrid With Awesome Options

The Original See Through Canoe

clear kayak/canoe hybrids since 2007

Our 14 years of experience in clear boats is reflected in the quality and design of our products. Over the years a number of companies producing look-alikes of our products have come and gone.

       <a href="http://www.seethroughcanoe.com/clear-canoes.html"><img src="http://www.seethroughcanoe.com/images/clear-kayak-buyc.jpg" width="90%" /></a>    <a href="http://www.seethroughcanoe.com/accessories/Accessories.html"><img src="http://www.seethroughcanoe.com/images/kayak-storage-coverc.jpg" width="90%" /></a>

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