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Fort Myers Tarpon Fishing Charters - Tarpon Fishing GuidesAn Early December Tarpon (we catch ’em in the winter every year)

When Does Tarpon Fishing Season Start In Fort Myers?

Our Fort Myers Fishing Charters for Tarpon fishing in Fort Myers usually starts by the 1st of April most years, it all depends on the water temp hitting 80 degrees. First and most important for our Tarpon Fishing clients. We fish for our resident Tarpon only, they are dependable biters, and we never have to go looking for them. 99.9% of the Charter Captains in Fort Myers that guide for Tarpon chase the migrating Tarpon in the Gulf of Mexico.

We don’t feel it is ethical to take you on a fish hunt, looking for a school of migrating Tarpon. Our local Tarpon are always in the same places and don’t move much all year. They range in size from 35″ to 70″ (from 15 to 80 lbs approx) There are days when you will see 100’s of rolling and feeding Tarpon all around he boat.

To get detailed information Fort Myers Fishing Charters for Tarpon click here.  Most important of all is that we DO NOT use live bait, we have been designing our own Tarpon lures and flies for Tarpon. The last thing we want you to do is have you wait for a bite. You will be casting lures to actively feeding Tarpon the entire charter.We will help you check a Tarpon off your bucket list.

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