Young GulfShore 24 Review | Young Boats

Young GulfShore 24 Review | Young Boats

Let’s take a closer look at the Young GulfShore 24 in this boat review from Florida Sportsman. Spend any length of time fishing on the central west coast of Florida and you’ll likely notice a recurring theme in the design of choice among nearshore fishing guides. The design, featuring an elevated decked over fore and aft section with a recessed cockpit used for passenger seating, was popularized by Young Boats of Inglis.

The concept, which was introduced in their GulfShore line has become the gold standard for guides in this part of Florida and for good reason. Young Boats places the guide and control of all of the boats systems in the back of the boat ahead of the engine. It’s a brilliant layout that allows a guide to oversee all activity, spot fish, and control a trolling motor and stake anchors from an elevated perch. Seating for traveling between spots is just forward of this and can be configured in one or two rows for up to four passengers. Adding adequate seating for multiple passengers in front of the driver who can communicate easily with his party below is also wise. The remaining bow section is an incredibly roomy casting area for everyone to share fishing space. Utilizing most of the deck space forward for fishing room ensures plenty of elbow room for everyone.

Plenty of room for compartments lies below deck and a pair of live wells at 40 and 20-gallons respectively are standard equipment. A host of possibilities remain for using the remaining space from dry storage to insulated fish holds. The space beneath the raised decks can be configured to suit each individual’s needs. One of the many benefits of having a custom boat built is your ability to finish up with a boat perfectly suited to your style.

While the GulfShore boats were originally conceived as inshore platforms- as models increase in size they are much more capable of serving double duty both inshore and offshore. The GulfShore 24 proved to be very capable inshore and offshore in Stuart where we tested her. The fact that professionals who spend every hour of their work day on a boat are lining up to build one is testament to the quality and effectiveness of this model.

Young GulfShore 24 Specifications:

Length: 24’ 1”
Beam: 8’ 6”
Draft: 11”
Deadrise: 14-degrees
Weight: 1650 (w/o power)
Max HP: 350
Fuel: 60 gallons
MSRP: $93,700 (base price w/ Suzuki 300)

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