$31 – Cheap Flights to Orlando Airport (MCO) in 2021

Pros: “Boarding was quick and painless.”
Cons: “Better seating arrangements. They announced that we can change boarding passes to new seating but only after scanning our boarding passes. Then said No way because we already boarded.”

Pros: “We were on time”
Cons: “It was just fine”

Cons: “They don’t care if you have a medical emergency”

Cons: “Very uncomfortable and I don’t usually care about comfort. I understand the upcharge for everything to create affordable flights to individuals, but with a family I am better off buying a more expensive flight that has some inclusions as the price evens out.”

Pros: “Flight attendants so nice!”
Cons: “Crying babies”

Pros: “Nothing”
Cons: “Delays, gate changes, lack of notification, last minute changes.”

Pros: “Arrived 30 min early”

Pros: “It was a safe flight”
Cons: “The flight was initially delayed 1 hour early in the day and notification was sent out. The flight was delayed again later in the day and the notification was sent out but not so promptly. An announcement was made at the gate that the flight was further delayed because the flight attendants had to clear customs. The flight attendants showed up about 30 minutes later, carrying bags of food from the resurants in the airport. I understand the flight attendants need to eat, but our flight was delayed prior to their landing and this added an additional delay. In total my flight was delayed about 2.5 hours.”

Pros: “No one at chi O’Hare knows Frontier is now at international departures so cab drivers ride share drops off at wrong terminal. International terminal negates tsa pre”
Cons: “See above”

Pros: “friendly staff on flight but before boarding they were not friendly”

Cons: “The screen at the also gate did not reflect this was headed to Orlando or that it was a frontier flight causing unnecessary confusion. Unsure why no signage was used.”

Pros: “seating boarding accommodations for children”
Cons: “Very Costly over other flights this time of year”

Cons: “charge for small carry LAUGAGE. . in chicago check in not very friendly. … prev experince .. this time was juts right . i Recomend this air line .. smooth flight and Fast when i said Fast…. in time or better. ..”

Pros: “Nothing.”
Cons: “Frontier sucks. Long weights, terrible customer service. I will never book through a 3rd party ever again.”

Pros: “Price”
Cons: “No food or drink”

Pros: “On time”
Cons: “Not a very friendly staff… Got the feeling they might be overworked. One male attendant didnt crack a smile on the entire trip.”

Pros: “Nothing”
Cons: “All the the hidden fees from the baggage to seat selection. No snacks or drinks were provided unless bought individually and the cost for the flight wasn’t any cheaper than our flight up on United, which included everything at no additional charge. The customer service was awful and though we arrived at the airport over an hour and a half early, we almost missed our flight because checking in a bag was chaos (despite having checked in online the day before). There were no forms of entertainment on the flight, not even airline magazines, which made for a very tedious 2.5 hour flight in less than relaxing seats.”

Pros: “The pilot flew the plane smoother than butter”
Cons: “The flight attendants we’re more interested in socializing than taking care of the passengers. If you asked for anything it was a major inconvenience. They only take cards not cash for ALL drinks including water. No entertainment and no complementary snacks.”

Pros: “Great crew. Inexpensive flight.”
Cons: “I have no dislikes.”

Pros: “Very comfortable ride and spacious”

Pros: “Bag charged”

Pros: “I admit that paying for carry-on bags, and paying extra for an assigned seat was irritating, but it still cost considerably less than any other airline. The plane was clean and looked new; the crew friendly and helpful.”
Cons: “Nothing. I knew upfront that this was a “no frills” airline and did not expect all the niceties.”

Pros: “The flight was on time”
Cons: “The additional fees for things like carry on baggage is makes the price misleading”

Cons: “Because of Hurricane Matthew and the forecast that it might return to Orlando, FL, my family cancelled our vacation to Disney World, as we didn’t want to risk being stuck during a hurricane. When I called to see if I could get a credit for the flight, so I could fly later, I was told NO. I was given the option of rebooking the flight by the end of October or I would loose the cost of the ticket or have to pay a $100 change fee. Frontier refused to waive the fee and I couldn’t rebook by October because I am a college student and won’t be on break and off work again for a few months. No care for a customer under an extreme weather situation. Buyer beware…a cheap ticket is no consolation when you loose your money. I will avoid flying with them. LOST CUSTOMER!!!”

Pros: “No delays, soft landing, flight attendants were very courteous, landed early each flight. I heard all these horror stories & I actually had a good experience.”
Cons: “Seats were not that comfortable.”

Pros: “Good bare-bones airline – low price if you don’t need carry-on or check luggage, don’t need reclining seats, don’t mind middle seats, don’t want any snacks, etc.”
Cons: “No participation in TSA Pre-Check”

Cons: “Lugage took forever & no foood or drinks”

Pros: “I liked the staff. They were very friendly. That is all.”
Cons: “The check in process was a disaster. I had boarding pass on my phone, but had to print it. Stood in line for that. Then had to check in my bag, stood in line for that. Then dropped it off to TSA stood in line for that. Then through security, stood in line. They need to get their process more fluid. Stood in all yhose lines at 3:45am too. They need to tell people as well youll be paying more if you dont check in 24hrs in advance. Ill just stick to my united and jet blue.”

Pros: “Crew was great!!”
Cons: “Didn’t like having to pay extra for an extra bag!”

Pros: “The tate”
Cons: “Paying for bags”

Pros: “Crew were arguing with passengers over seating arrangements and when it came time to throw out garbage at the end they completely ignored half of the rows. Even after the lady next to me yelling to get their attention.”
Cons: “See above.”

Pros: “Original ticket price”
Cons: “Extra fees for CARRY-ON BAG. No in flight snack unless we paid for it. They were pushing their credit card on to people”

Cons: “This had to be the worst flight ever…never heard of you having to pay for seating?”

Pros: “Nice, new plane.”
Cons: “Small trays.”

Cons: “Cabin was pretty dirty and not well managed.”

Cons: “Check-in took 45 minutes, and then I waited one hour and fifteen minutes in security. I missed my flight completely, and when I asked for a refund or credit it was denied.”

Pros: “Great prices and way better flight experience than I was expecting after reading other reviews. Seats don’t recline but are still comfortable.”
Cons: “Flight was delayed and no updates were given. Upon arrival, our checked bags took an hour to get to the carousel. Again, no updates at all.”

Cons: “Lots of screaming children, but I had to fly to Orlando.”

Cons: “They had me get off the plane during layover in Chicago and were less than polite when reboarding, even with my ticket. The seats had no passing to them. The cost of snacks on the flight were high.”

Pros: “Boarding wasn’t a problem. The flight crew was okay.”
Cons: “Given that plane tickets are cheap, there are additional fees which hikes the price. You’ll be better off paying for a flight through a different carrier because it’ll come out to the same price.”

Cons: “Not Pleasing flight experience. Replace airplanes!”

Pros: “The Airline. Should improve on waiting. time. The flight was delayed by 3hours. This is not due to weather problem , but problem from the airline.”

Pros: “Polite servers Almost on time”
Cons: “Cramped No food or drink Nickle and diming costs; very poor (seat, carry on)”

Pros: “The crew.”
Cons: “The crew was fine. At no time was I made aware during my booking that I would be charged for a carry on and or checked bag. The total cost added $205 each way for 4 passengers to my flight. I feel completely mislead. Customers also had to pay for water on the flight which was ludicrous. The cost of baggage went up ten dollars from what I was quoted when called customer service to inquire about the prices on preselected seat assignments the day before departure. The seats do not recline and are very uncomfortable. The flight was delayed by five hours and no food vouchers offered. I would not fly frontier again nor recommend to anyone.”

Pros: “on time .. smooth flight ..nice plane… good price fligths ..clean plane …i recomend this air line”
Cons: “have to pay for my pet more that my fligth price…one baggage and had to pay for it overall pay more for this trip .. bad snack and pay higth price even for wather …. … overall still recomend had flight several air lines had this a good experinses over all”

Pros: “Time was great. Flight was smooth, one of the best ever, of many flights. Cost was great. Did not eat, so can’t say. Comfort was great.”
Cons: “Nothing.”

Pros: “Perfect landing in difficult winds”

Pros: “Very cute FA”

Pros: “I’ve had good luck with a few frontier flights. They’re cheaper, and they get you there.”
Cons: “If your flight gets cancelled due to weather, they won’t work with you. They offered to put me on the next flight – 5 days later. Ridiculous. They offered to get me on another flight the next day – to a different destination – with a $600 up charge per ticket (original ticket price $200). Absurd. Most major airlines get you there the next day, or get you on another airline if they must. Frontier and spirit don’t. They’ll offer you a refund and tell you to get lost.”

Cons: “Too crowded for social distance. Other airlines are leaving a chair empty in between.”

Cons: “Good”

Pros: “Yes”

Cons: “Announcing boarding zones did not occur”

Cons: “Thank you”

Pros: “We got in 30 mins early!!”

Pros: “Fast, efficient, comfortable, cheap”

Pros: “Clean new plane”
Cons: “Not much legroom.”

Pros: “Everything !!! Everything was perfect as usually!!!”

Pros: “Everything”
Cons: “Everything”

Pros: “Great takeoff and landing Ahead of schedule”
Cons: “No beverage or snack”

Pros: “I loved the crew. They made the trip better”
Cons: “I hated the boarding! We were 45 mins early and they made us take our luggage with us, and then made me throw out everything that was 3.4 oz because the luggage was “already taken” to the plane. I will NEVER fly with Spirit again.”

Pros: “Nothing, they are not offering Non stop flights from Cle to Msyin the morning any longer”
Cons: “They lost my Luggage, and just wanted to write up a claim instead of actually looking for it and tracking it down”

Pros: “No problems, no isdues”
Cons: “Not being able to bring small purse and carryon”

Pros: “Just the necessities and the price.”
Cons: “The plan was kind of dirty and the employees were hard to understand.”

Pros: “The seats were roomy enough to accomodate 3 statuesque women”
Cons: “The additional cost to fly. $52 for lugguage is ridiculous. The seats while roomy were uncomfortable”

Pros: “The flight was smooth, take off and landing excellent. Late Departure was the only real negative to the flight. Their flight attendant that did the announcements was funny and relatable.”
Cons: “The seats are horrible. The late departure was annoying, but I had not connections or appointments that were effected.”

Pros: “Flight was very cheap for a round trip one way.”
Cons: “Bag prices seem to have gone up tho. Paying for a seat on the airline was new too.”

Pros: “Awesome price. Nice crew and staff at the airport.”
Cons: “No leg room (im 5’5″), seats very close together and the snack menu was very pricey.”

Pros: “Didnt pay for a snack.”
Cons: “Seat was cramped.”

Pros: “Crew was entertaining. Comfortable atmosphere”
Cons: “Website confusing extras not explained throughly when booking initially.”

Cons: “my flight was delayed 2 hours ):”

Pros: “I knew what I was getting into, so with that said the flight was overall pretty good. The plane and boarding were great and the crew was awesome.”
Cons: “Still not sure why a soda is $3. Or coffee and tea, for that matter, is $2 for a tiny cup. Coffee and tea should be complimentary and soda should be $1 or $1.50. They’d still make out like a bandit.”

Pros: “The whole thing. Very very bad airline.”
Cons: “Everything is a mess.”

Pros: “Cheap”
Cons: “They overbooked the flight and would not have had a seat for me if I didn’t check in the night before. Luckily I did check in early. If I would have not checked in I would have lost my job because I wouldn’t have been able to make it to work. It is so absolutely wrong to sell a plane ticket to a person and then not have a seat for them to sit in. Spirit is a terrible company.”

Pros: “The seats were comfortable”
Cons: “There was little accommodation for frail elderly to get convenient seats.”

Pros: “The crew was very nice and love that flit is non stop.”
Cons: “Seats are not very comfortable.”

Pros: “The entire flight from boarding to exiting the plane. Everything went smooth, I would definitely fly Spirit airline again.”

Cons: “My return flight was oversold, so they wouldn’t give me a boarding pass, then said I wasn’t due any compensation because I didn’t have a boarding pass. Supervisor in Cleveland was one of the rudest people I have ever encountered in all my years of flying. So I had to stay another day. I had my child car seat in a plastic bag and it came back with the bag shredded, black marks on the seat and soaked.”

Pros: “It went smooth, and everything was good.”
Cons: “That it didn’t have wifi.”

Cons: “Need more room in seat – I wish they would assign people in seats based on their height.”

Pros: “The aircraft was surprisingly comfortable and well kept and the crew was friendly. Our flight was behind schedule but was fine once we boarded.”
Cons: “Flight was behind schedule.”

Pros: “Almost 2 hours late, did not accommodate my wheelchair needs, unprofessional people at the check in & then again at gate. Not TSA Prechek, charged for a carry on, had no APP to check in, wouldn’t check in on iPad had to be on a computer, kept asking for additional add ons, had to pay $20 to specifically order a seat bc of my injured leg. Wheelchair staff at both airports said that Spirit is always a problem for them, no wheelchair waiting for me at the gate & received no help from staff.”

Pros: “Newer plane”

Pros: “Not much the reason I booked was price very sorry I did”
Cons: “The flight was purchase because I thought I was getting a good fair but found that everything accommodating on the flight was priced, luggage check was way overpriced and inconvenience to do on line for the few dollars it saved you, and the seating is very uncomfortable no recline and to close for any normal knee room especially for taller customers also your planes are no clean floors had old gum that was never cleaned up not a great experience at all !!!!!”

Pros: “Nothing.”
Cons: “I booked a flight with my family, later I added my girlfriend. Obviously we wanted the same flight. Spirit uses the same flight numbers for all of their flights daily. The spirit lady booked the flight for my girlfriend and booked her the wrong day. She can’t fly by herself. We ended up buying another set of tickets through frontier. Talked to 4 people through Spirut none understood good enough English. poor poor poor service. Never again.”

Pros: “The flight was great”
Cons: “Like the flights crew but need wheel chair assistant and didn’t get at in”

Pros: “Nice crew. Clean plane. Easy boarding. Comfortable temperature. There was no entertainment that I was aware of. I didn’t purchase food.”
Cons: “Seats didn’t recline so a bit uncomfortable for sleeping.”

Pros: “Boarding was easy, efficient. Crew very personable”
Cons: “Little leg room Can’t adjust the seat backs – uncomfortable”

Cons: “I had a serious a situation arise and needed to change my flight dates and the fees associated with that were ABSOLUTELY ridiculous. Good ole American business screwing over their fellow Americans. I would have had to pay not only the price of the tickets over again but a bunch of other fees. Spirit you’re a real letdown. You got my money this go around with tickets I wasn’t able to use two of them but it won’t happen again.”

Pros: “The flight take off was delayed only briefly, but it arrived on time. The time for departure was very convenient for us.”
Cons: “My 16 month old granddaughter’s car seat and stroller was supposed to be delivered at the gait, but instead was delivered at the baggage claim area. The car seat was soaking wet and we had to use her blanket and some other clothing to make it partially suitable for her sit in her car seat. We fly 2-4 times a year on different airlines and with the pre-check status we are able to get through security rather quickly. In the absence of pre-check (because Spirit airlines does not have that facility) we were in the security check line for a long time. Our grand- daughter was upset and crying. Fortunately, eventually someone from the security department came to our assistance and expedited her and her parents’ clearance”

Pros: “Crew was pleasant and courteous, flight was on time, everything went smoothly”
Cons: “Seats are stationary so no moving it back a little. All food had to be paid for. Didn’t even offer water. There is no entertainment if someone is looking for tv.”

Cons: “The flight was delayed for the departure and arrival of the flights. Please review and advise of your actions. Yvette D. Luckett 407.731.5000”

Pros: “Everything was great especially the price.”
Cons: “Seat didn’t recline, other than that no big deal.”

Pros: “Absolutely nothing. Was delayed three separate times then the flight was cancelled.”
Cons: “My check bag was searched, which was fine. What was not fine was that whoever had searched it ripped the cap off of my mouthwash bottle and shoved it back in my bag. Everything – my clothes, running shoes, phone charger etc.. was damp when I finally opened my bag.”

Pros: “Nothing”
Cons: “I was flying to Florida to spend some time with my father that was just diagnosed with cancer and the flight was cancelled and we had to rebook on another airline. That made is get in 6 hours later than we would have which caused me to lose those 6 hours with my father. Not happy. I have a return flight with Spirit but that will be my one and only flight with you now.”

Cons: “flight was cancelled”

Pros: “Efficient and quick boarding. Helpful and courteous staff. Humorous flight crew. Great value and no layovers necessary. Will fly Spirit again”
Cons: “Wish they participated in TSA PRECHECK.”

Pros: “Associates very nice”
Cons: “I was charge an extra $55 for my carry because I had a purse. That is highway robbery. She allowed my sister to place her purse in her carry on but said nothing to me.”

Cons: “Being stuck on the plane for an hour and a half waiting for an open gate. I can’t afford to have unreliable service.”

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