Cheap Flights to Key West from $69

Pros: “Quick, quiet and comfortable”
Cons: “N/A”

Pros: “The seat was not comfortable”

Pros: “Todo fue muy bien exelente”

Pros: “Ok”
Cons: “Ok”

Pros: “Everything”
Cons: “Ok”

Pros: “Everything”
Cons: “Ok”

Cons: “No space for cabin baggage”

Cons: “No cabin baggage space for each seat.”

Cons: “Should have booked another airline.”

Cons: “More Lego room”

Cons: “landing was smoothest I’ve ever experienced.”

Pros: “Everything”
Cons: “Nothing”

Cons: “I wish they had peanuts.”

Pros: “Boarding was easy”
Cons: “Blocked gate upon arrival, then jet bridge didn’t work. Can we the basics right here? Also the turkey sandwich was mediocre”

Pros: “I like jetblue, everything is excellent,.”

Pros: “Good room quick and efficient here on time”

Cons: “Sitting in the airport from 12 noon until 8PM when we boarded. Then again sitting on the plane another 2 hours before taking off. No explanation why.”

Pros: “The more room upgrade”
Cons: “The hour and a half delay”

Pros: “Everything is good”

Pros: “Nice trip affordable price”

Pros: “It was good”
Cons: “Cheap on the food”

Cons: “Can’t have a free bag under the plane.”

Cons: “Late departure”

Pros: “Everything”
Cons: “Nothing”

Pros: “Kept well informed of delay and expected departure time. Landed safely”
Cons: “Delay due to awaiting pilot and first officer”

Cons: “Blankets are $5”

Pros: “Ample leg space, super clean, very amiable staff, free media, all round excellent. Positive feel.”
Cons: “Liked everything”

Pros: “Alqays nice and acomidating”

Pros: “ilik all”

Cons: “I forgot my earbuds and there were no complimentary headsets available”

Pros: “All went as scheduled”

Cons: “Awesome”

Cons: “JFK….. horrible”

Pros: “Excellent I felt very comfortable and happy”
Cons: “Just the food”

Pros: “nothing”
Cons: “unwelcoming staff and unhelpful”

Pros: “On time”
Cons: “Need improve about the food”

Pros: “Lost my luggage and were not helpful and if was my sisters wedding”

Cons: “1brand new suitcase was completely damaged”

Pros: “Lots of room”
Cons: “Cooperation with Emirates seemed not to be that well established”

Pros: “WiFi”

Cons: “Everything.”

Pros: “fast and nice”

Pros: “No delay”
Cons: “There are nothing I do not like.”

Pros: “all around great”
Cons: “no problems”

Cons: “Late takeoff. Mechanical issue.”

Pros: “Extra room”
Cons: “Sitting on the runway for an hour”

Cons: “waiting for my luggage”

Pros: “Nice plane. Could have used a plug.”
Cons: “The food was ok. But worse than the food I had on the way to the us. I didn’t get all of my boarding passes in NYC so I had to go get them in Orlando which ment changing airport terminal to get to the LAtam desk and back doing 1 hour and a half of TSA security check…”

Pros: “The attendants were friendly and hellpful.”

Pros: “Safe travel”
Cons: “more masks”

Pros: “Kosher snacks! Thank you! Very safe and controlled Covid procedures. Made me feel safe.”

Cons: “we boarded on time and were on tarmac for over an hour and a half with no explanation, no beverages.”

Cons: “Small plane, feels cramped”

Cons: “If you can get it he people at the desk to stop making announcements while there are announcements being made over the airport PA system that would be great. Especially when the person chosen to speak has a heavy accent and it’s competing with other announcements. My over 50 ears can’t make it out.”

Cons: “sat on the tarmac for 3 hours because the pilot was late.”

Pros: “N/a”
Cons: “Explain why there’s over a 2 hour delay”

Cons: “Faster lines at check-in. More courteous security personnel”

Cons: “First class almost always guarantees a much better experience!”

Cons: “No WiFi. Little service.”

Pros: “Newer planes with extra large overhead bins are great and the boarding process is much easier and smoother now with all the various breakdown of groups instead of by row.”

Pros: “Delta app is awesome.”
Cons: “Really nothing. They did a great job.”

Cons: “Terrible”

Pros: “Didn’t like security. They were rude”
Cons: “Security”

Cons: “N/A”

Cons: “N/A”

Pros: “Nothing.”
Cons: “Somehow they didn’t serve snacks and drinks, I’ve been being thirsty and hungry, at the last 30mns I felt like I wanna throw up. We landed around 30mns ago and now no gates ready for us to get out of here. Still waiting inside the plane.”

Pros: “The food and the treatment”

Pros: “The Updated Delta Airline A320 Airbus Inside & Out”

Cons: “Compostable”

Cons: “Crying baby”

Pros: “Everything”

Cons: “Nothing!”

Cons: “flights all on Delta – about one a week for 3 months straight – and yet when Delta cancelled my flight and re-booked they did not give me any upgrade or loyalty as I saw it – I had paid extra for Delta Comfort and they told me the flight they re-booked me on simply did not have any comfort available. However, I was not the one canceling the flight and re-booking – that is their problem and after so much loyalty for years I feel like I should have gotten some kind of upgrade for free…If I have to cancel – I have to pay fees – but if they cancel – I lose …despite being a very loyal SkyMiles customer. I am quite disillusioned with Delta now and will have to look around to see what other airlines there are now – and my entire family – and what kind of loyalty they give to their loyal customers. It needs to be a two-way”

Cons: “We were on the tarmac for almost 2 hours. It’s probably LaGuardia but the experience was very bad.”

Cons: “The”

Pros: “The on time departure. The air hostesses were very attentive. Fast baggage arrival”

Cons: “Small seater aircraft was cramped”

Pros: “Comfy on time and personable. Food was good too. Thank you.”
Cons: “It was all good.”

Pros: “The LGA team did great in difficult situation”

Cons: “Crowded”

Pros: “Made friends on the way to Maine!”

Pros: “Great help from gate agent when a delay in connecting flight would have missed the last flight. Agent put a great new agent it together better than the original.”
Cons: “Delta is the best”

Pros: “Plane clean.”
Cons: “Unorganized boarding at LGA.”

Pros: “Clean plan and efficient boarding procedure.”
Cons: “Horrible delay. Took off almost two hours post originally scheduled time.”

Pros: “None”
Cons: “Delays”

Pros: “Professionalism”

Pros: “The staff was was very accommodating to myself and my 19 month old daughter”

Pros: “Departing on time and clean”
Cons: “There was no screens, all the other airlines have screens, but that wasn’t my problem and I got coloring book and crayons for me daughter, so she can play with them, but my issue was that when they gave snack to everyone and I didn’t get anything and then I told the other flight attendant that I didn’t get my snack and still she didn’t get it, she said she was going to get it and didn’t come back :(( I was really disappointed with that, they r old and forget things, so our line 19 nobody got anything .. i like delta was I wasn’t happy this time with it”

Cons: “Because we were diverted to JFK for “Weather” even though LaGuardia is only 9.6 miles away, and it was 11:30pm by the time we landed. The only flight to Manchester was the next night and would have gotten us to Manchester by 6pm. I had to rent a car at midnight and drive the four hours to be able to attend the reunion I was flying up for.”

Cons: “The delay on the runway”

Pros: “Turbulence didn’t allow the beverage cart to serve passengers”

Pros: “Staff hospitality”
Cons: “Deboarding delay, seems typical”

Pros: “Was a nice flay , thanks”

Pros: “Cookies”
Cons: “Late”

Pros: “Orderly boarding process.”
Cons: “Overweight people being seated int he middle seat and sticking their elbows over both arm rests while comfortably sleeping.”

Pros: “Delta changed me to another flight without charge and the rep was very accommodating and pleasant”
Cons: “Multiple delays, from 8:15 to 8:49 to 9:05 to 9:39 to 10:12 to 10:19 to 10:25. I am not joking. Honestly, if the delay is due to ‘maintenance’ for an incoming plane that has not left its originating destination, why quote any time at all? The check in rep did provide an announcement at 8:15 that although the time of departure had moved to 9:05 , he did not see how that was possible since our plane was on the ground in Richmond undergoing maintenance. I was in LGA. When I heard that, I changed to another flight, so the outcome was not as bad as it could have been. I am aware of these other times since my email is packed with Delta’s notifications, which I welcome usually.”

Cons: “Access to LGA has become too problematic due to the construction. We will use other airports on our future trips to NY”

Pros: “Friendly service. On-time.”
Cons: “No tv’s in airplane.”

Pros: “Nothing”
Cons: “Everything. Boarded, day on the runway for nearly 3 hours, and then cancelled. No hotel allowance and all hotels near LGA full.”

Pros: “Everything”

Pros: “Horrible seats”

Pros: “No traffic to LGA. No security lines. First in line to take off.”
Cons: “Snack options are very poor.”

Cons: “Seat was very hard and uncomfortable”

Pros: “Comfy seat, great entertainment options”

Cons: “Delays”

Pros: “The steward was super friendly.”

Pros: “Arrived on time”

Cons: “Entertainment system for myself and my wife failed after an hour.”

Pros: “Service was great in 1st class”
Cons: “The movie Black k Klansman was great but the system had a problem. Not sure if just my seat or the whole digital video system. Every few minutes it would get choppy and unwatchable. I had to rewind and then it would be fine for a while. Like a video buffering problem.”

Pros: “There was a short delay but it was done professionally and I got a notice about it. I had nice people seating next to me and the craw was ok.”
Cons: “It was upsetting that they didn’t have earbuds/headphones as my iPhone headphones can’t connect to the TV so I had to watch a movie without sound. You should have extras. I also wish they had a banana for us, it’s better than pretzels. And cheep and healthy.”

Pros: “On time and quick boarding.”

Pros: “on time”
Cons: “n/a”

Pros: “Prompt on time service.”
Cons: “N/A”

Pros: “The fight was fantastic.”
Cons: “Baggage claim took an hour”

Pros: “Service top notch”

Cons: “Delay”

Cons: “Why can’t the crews in in LGA communicate with the passengers during the boarding process like at other airports so that it won’t be a mad mob press to get on the plane. The gate agent using the PA didn’t or couldn’t enunciate, and folks just 15 feet away were asking what she said.”

Cons: “New cheap fare is honestly offensive trash.”

Pros: “Boarding as quick and efficient. Staff were friendly and courteous”
Cons: “Nothing bad to comment on as the trip was a smooth trip”

Pros: “The fly departed on time”

Pros: “Bad weather came in n I was rerouted on Time”

Pros: “Good Airplane”
Cons: “Delays and baggage delayed”

Pros: “The crew did everything they could for the passengers to make them comfortable and informed about the situation but unfortunately it was out of their hands.”
Cons: “It may be La Guardia Airport that is the one to blame and not AA, but long story short I was on the airplane on the ground in NY for about 5 hours. We had a domino effect of things happen that caused us to be delayed and then cancelled. First a Gate change to a different terminal after boarding was suppose to begin so we had to take a shuttle over and we’re still missing 50 passengers, Engine problem that required maintenance, refuel because we were in the plane on the ground waiting for so long, deplane and replane for 10 mins because of a law, on the runway and back to the gate for all these different occasions. When they finally let us off the plane after all these hours it was because of weather (although the skies were blue and the pilot was confident it wouldn’t be an issue) they didn’t actually cancel the flight until 5pm, my flight was suppose to take off at 9am. They were also required by law to give us free snacks Bc we hadn’t eaten all day or had fresh air–these were all chips and soda…in gluten free so I had to starve. AA customer relations said they couldn’t compensate because the issue that was documented in their records for my flight cancellation was because of “weather”… my flight couldn’t be rescheduled until the following afternoon, making me have to cancel work 2 days in a row and pay for multiple taxis and and extra night of boarding. I will NEVER fly AA or La Guardia again.”

Pros: “It was on time boarding and landing”

Pros: “Small airport”
Cons: “Service and flexibility, needed to call online for assistance”

Cons: “No priority boarding for people with babies and toddlers”

Pros: “Nothing”
Cons: “It’s AA, never again”

Pros: “Planes boarded on time”
Cons: “Long wait on runway before take off”

Pros: “It seems like the plane was recently renovated and I loved the comfortable seats.”
Cons: “There was virtually no free entertainment available.”

Cons: “Everything”

Cons: “7uk”

Pros: “My trip was awesome and very easy.”

Pros: “Movie selection is great.”
Cons: “No cookies :(”

Cons: “Space between seat rows to small”

Pros: “It is good”

Pros: “This time every thing excellent”

Cons: “No tv on seat. Those dumb comedy tv show”

Cons: “Entertainment was boring”

Cons: “Apparently due to staffing issue I sat in a plane for 2 hours before it took off causing me and my partner to miss our connection.”

Cons: “Good service ! Window seat!”

Pros: “Not enough luggage space for regular number of passengers on board”

Pros: “On time.”

Pros: “On time”

Cons: “We was waiting for one hours and more in the aircraft for departure on LGA and Dallas”

Cons: “Delay!!”

Cons: “The flight was delayed and we spent about an hour just sitting in the plane before we took off. When I expressed concerns aboit making my connecting flight to the front desk representative she stated she didn’t have time to help me as she had a plane to board. It was another 20 minutes before she even began to board anyone. She was very abrupt and rude. I had to call AA while sitting on the tarmac to get rebooked which was a more positive experience.”

Pros: “The service was excellent Very cleaning airplane The people the travel was super good especially the children.”

Pros: “Nothing”
Cons: “Plane is small, overpacked, delayed. I lost my shuttle to the Keys and had to stay overnight in Miami.”

Cons: “Did not allow me to sit in the location I had been assigned.”

Pros: “everything”
Cons: “nono”

Pros: “Crew amazing, space great.”
Cons: “Security line”

Pros: “Nothing”

Pros: “How easy everything was”
Cons: “The delay”

Pros: “Nothing”
Cons: “Everything. My booking confirmation was with United Airlines only to get to the airport to find that they had subcontracted the flight to a budget airline. Eurowings. The food very substandard. If you were on a basic ticket, you were only entitled to water and no food. So people are travelling on long haul flights without being offered anything as standard. Passengers on these tickets were not aware that they would not be served.any food which is probably unethical. They offer to sell you food if on a basic ticket”

Cons: “No screaming babies but that’s out of their hands ;)”

Pros: “Great job.”

Pros: “Fantastic”
Cons: “Super”

Cons: “Short trip , WiFi was out but not an issue. Again I was so pleased not to have to climb narrow stairs to board. It was excellent and glad to be home. Maybe some peanuts.”

Pros: “We had a wheel chair person and they made it very easy to drop off at the gate and get it at the destination gate. Also they drove us over to the baggage area due to many elevation changes required to reach this area.”
Cons: “The obtaining of the boarding pass in Newark needed more people to help get the boarding pass. I like the option to use a machine if I want to generate a boarding pass but there were issues with the machines and not enough people to help alleviate the backup of people having to wait.”

Pros: “If the food is offered free as part of the fare. The food is roughly $12.00 or whatever price. That should have been added to the fare we are paying for the flught.”

Cons: “Significant delay-no weather issues, didn’t make sense.”

Cons: “No drink service And no free tv”

Pros: “Smooth boarding process.”
Cons: “The WiFi wasn’t working.”

Cons: “I was in business class and was terrible The airplane too old , so expensive for that? Can’t believe it…”

Pros: “Staff was on point!!! Awesome”
Cons: “Nothing”

Pros: “Left 5 minutes early and landed 45 minutes early!”

Pros: “Service, food quality, profwssionalizem”
Cons: “Equipment. Very old. Seating inconvenient cand cramp.”

Pros: “Great”
Cons: “Nothing”

Pros: “Ontime and excellent service. No complaints at all.”

Pros: “The plane window seat”

Pros: “Nonstop”

Cons: “The sit isn’t recliner”

Cons: “The seat table was badly stained andlooked like it hadn’t been wiped in ages. The sack in front had garbage from previous passengers. It was also freezing cold. Food inedible”

Pros: “The two people that helped.”
Cons: “That United had NO remorse for our inconvenience and offered NO compensations.”

Pros: “Movie selection!”

Pros: “On time”

Pros: “…”
Cons: “Never happened”

Pros: “Fast loading and effect attendant”

Pros: “Staff were lovely”
Cons: “Food was Terrible, couldn’t eat the veg option and the TVs kept freezing”

Cons: “The wi fi should be free of charge”

Cons: “Cancelled and rebooked on a different airline with a long layover.”

Cons: “Very stressful experience at counter check in. Airline representative didn’t know the difference between the expiry date of a visa and that of my passport.. he just ran away with the passport to check and didn’t get convinced and it took him long to return, with me just waiting and knowing nothing about where he went. Only the passport needs to be valid for three months after returning from the trip. Not the visa. He should know that. I got my boarding pass at the end, and he didn’t apologize for the inconvenience or anything.”

Pros: “Dependable, fast, clean”

Cons: “Plane was not up to par with other current planes. Pricing was high for not having more leg space, TV’s which should be a standard by now, and free liquor/wine on international flights! United is truly a disappointment and I may not be flying with them anymore if I had a choice”

Cons: “The inside of the plane felt 50 years old. Completely uncomfortable.”

Cons: “Free wifi access”

Pros: “Punctuality”
Cons: “Ride was quite bumpy Couldn’t get an aisle seat.”

Pros: “United the worst.never again”

Pros: “Nothing”
Cons: “Everything”

Pros: “The plane had tvs on the back of each seat”

Pros: “I was able to bring on my musical instruments.”
Cons: “Coach was very tight”

Cons: “My seat was changed right at the boarding! Even I just checked in on line the night before!”

Pros: “The staff on the plane was very nice. Good movie choices”
Cons: “There was mass chaos in Newark airport- the tea lines were out of control. I was at the airport super early. I had about 5 minutes to run to my gate. Unnecessary stress to travelers that day.”

Pros: “No issues. Quick and painless.”

Pros: “Even though there was a delay. The trip was.Great.”

Pros: “On time Smooth ride Actually slept”

Pros: “Tight seating funky food”

Pros: “NA”
Cons: “NA”

Pros: “Everything it’s perfect”

Pros: “The crew was amazing and the leg room was less than needed.”
Cons: “A little more leg room.”

Pros: “On time !!! Clean cabin”
Cons: “Air conditioner”

Pros: “Very fast and efficient boarding and deplaning , friendly staff”

Pros: “Amazing crew. Great service and on time”

Pros: “Crew was amazing and lots of leg room. A”

Cons: “Flight was 3 hours late taking off.”

Pros: “Just a great quick trip”
Cons: “Seat was a little uncomfortable but I think it’s because it’s been well used”

Cons: “Delayed due to crew change nearly hour late”

Pros: “Smooth flight”
Cons: “It was delayed for no apparent reason”

Cons: “I will be filing a formal grievance”

Pros: “We missed several appointments we had booked in key west because of a 4 hours delay. We spoke to the lady at the Ft Myers restaurant and she said silver always runs late. I could have driven faster”

Pros: “No complaints. Boarding was on time. Got to destination early. Staff was friendly. Overall great experience”

Pros: “Was sick and didn’t want to get everyone else sick, and wasn’t offered credit at least.”
Cons: “Next time I guess I’ll go and not concern myself with anyone’s health”

Pros: “Quick trip and excellent pilot as it was quite turbulant”

Pros: “Liked all listed above”

Pros: “Friendly flight attendant”
Cons: “We were an hour late leaving from Tampa as the airline did not have the proper paperwork/registration for plane. The ground crew did not show much concern. We were also split on seating on the airplane even though we booked together.”

Pros: “Fiight on time and no delays.”
Cons: “Raised rate for checked bags from $25.00 to $35.00 is price gouging the customers to say the leas! Also it would be nice if the flight attendant tried smiling especially when greeting you aboard the aircraft. Guess I’m just spoiled by American Airlines but they still only charge $25.00 per checked bag on international flights and free on domestic!”

Pros: “easy travel, check in and expedited well.”

Pros: “That I got there alive”
Cons: “I couldn’t believe a plane that old can still fly. it was so uncomfortable,noise, and ugly”

Pros: “Smoothe flight”

Cons: “After being told that the flight from West Palm would be an hour late leaving West Palm informed the agent that I had a connection in Tampa at 9;15. She stated that I would make the connection without a problem. She later asked how many people were going to Pensacola. I was the only person to raise A HAND. sHE LATER STATED THAt the flight would wait for my connection. We landed at 9:05 and taxied in about 10 min. The flight was to leave at 9:15. The flight attendant on my flight asked where was the connecting flight,they replied it left already. Iwas rebooked on America To Charollet,N C to connect for Pensacola. That took 4hrs more.”

Pros: “On time! Friendly attendant. Very smooth landing. On time.”
Cons: “No complaints.”

Cons: “Hot, small plane.”

Pros: “Nice and short”

Pros: “The people are nice”

Cons: “Delayed poor informarion”

Pros: “Friendly staff.”
Cons: “Hiur and a half delay, broken seat that wouldnt stay reclined.”

Pros: “We boarded and arrived early.”
Cons: “Cramped and noisy.”

Pros: “Easy but, easy gate, easy airport, key West was great for silver.”
Cons: “Paying 50 bucks for golf clubs. Why? My golf bag weighed less than my suitcase.”

Pros: “Plane was clean once we got to board.”
Cons: “Several delays with rude customer service from silver employees. Would have been nice to get delay notifications before getting to airpor but of course, silver doesn’t do that. Also would be nice if Silver would acknowledge TSA precheck status!”

Pros: “Super friendly crew”

Pros: “Everything”
Cons: “Nothing”

Cons: “I’m sick of flights being delayed”

Pros: “It was awful we still havnt made it there. We’re stuck in ft lauderdale”
Cons: “They never get you where your supposed to go!”

Pros: “Nice and quick”

Pros: “Friendly crew”
Cons: “Turboprops are noisy. Tight space”

Pros: “Flight was much easier than driving. Smooth take off and landing. Alll was good.”

Pros: “Everything”

Pros: “Air crew was exceptionally friendly!!! Great service :)”

Pros: “On-Time departure for both flights”

Pros: “The people on phone didn’t help me”
Cons: “I don’t like the airport”

Pros: “Very helpful personal, fun flying the props,”

Pros: “Quick and easy boarding, no fuss no muss”
Cons: “Tight quarters on plane”

Cons: “Do not walk, RUN from this airline. They are awful.”

Pros: “Crew pilot great”
Cons: “Same complaints”

Pros: “Overall”

Cons: “Sadly to have less than 10 passengers”

Pros: “Fast boarding and crew staff”
Cons: “Was not very comfortable”

Pros: “The Silver Airways staff were amazing! All in great spirits, professional, kind, and accommodating!”

Pros: “Nothing, we were threaded horribly by the desk people at the gate.”
Cons: “Our flight was moved to a latter flight and when I asked if my luggage were transfer they were upset that I asked. Before we board the plane we asked again about our luggage and they told me the luggages were in the plane. When we were ready to land, they told us they were circling around because there was a plane lading and they didn’t know about it. An hour trip end up taking 6 hours and when we landed we got no luggage. All our cloths and toilet treats were left in Orlando. Worst experience of our life.”

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