Crescent LiteTackle Kayak Overview: Responsive Kayak with Superior Tracking & Customization Options

Crescent LiteTackle Kayak Overview: Responsive Kayak with Superior Tracking & Customization Options

Let’s take a closer look at the Crescent LiteTackle kayak in this overview, a responsive kayak which features superior tracking and customization options. For the full review with extra pictures, click here:

Ideal Application: A pure paddling performer capable of handling any waters, with enough capacity for large users and lots of gear, with a bow that provides great buoyancy and wave-taming properties. Spacious open layout allows for easy stand-up fishing, fly casting and line management, and accessorizing to your specific needs and fishing desires.

Overview: Every kayak fisherman needs to know how to paddle, steer, maneuver and position their kayak, and this layout and hull are a paddler’s dream. The LiteTackle is a straight tracking, easy paddling platform that behaves and responds exactly how you ask it, with just enough rocker to be maneuverable and fun. A bulbous bow section helps provide stability when switching between standing and seated positions – plus bow lift when encountering rapids, turbulent waters or following seas. A full-length keel system, emphasized and pronounced in the stern, keeps you on course, with paddling energy return optimized. The structural layout of the keel system also helps to enhance hull rigidity, and the interior floor feels firm and confidence-inspiring when standing. Outer hull sponsons ride mostly above the waterline so as not to slow the hull down – but are ready to deliver secondary stability when needed and leaned into, like when fighting fish and when in rougher seas. The LiteTackle interior features an enormous, sealed bow hatch that can accommodate loads of gear, including rods up to eight feet, drybags, batteries and more, complete with a bungee system for holding a fish bag or other gear. Two removable Stash Zipper Pouches and molded-in hull pockets hold gear you need at your fingertips, and two side-seat bungee cords can hold small 3600-sized boxes or paddles and stake-out pole. Dual YakAttack Gear Tracks in the cockpit and stern, plus two Mighty Mounts behind the seat can secure electronics, rod and net holders. Multiple pad eyes abound for tying off and securing pliers, fish grips and more. The seat is a comfortable, adjustable, true all-day performer that doesn’t dig into your shoulder blades, and can be elevated with an optional, lightweight riser for easier stand-up transitions. The seat can also be removed for use as a comfortable shore chair. An optional interior pad kit is highly recommended for bare-foot comfort and hull silencing. The rear tankwell is huge, and its square back can accommodate a trolling motor or Power Pole transom mount.

Notable: At a retail price of $999 – the LiteTackle is a crazy value that you will probably never outgrow or want to sell, as it can be equipped to perform on any water for just about any type of fishing. At 75 pounds, it’s easy to transport and launch, and is a fun, responsive fishing platform that makes you feel like you been kayaking your whole life.

Crescent LiteTackle
Length: 12’ 4”
Width: 34”
Weight: 75 lbs.
Overall Capacity: 450 lbs.
Propulsion: Paddle


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