Falcon 22 Offshore – 22′ Catamaran Capable on Offshore Adventures | Florida Sportsman

Falcon 22 Offshore - 22' Catamaran Capable on Offshore Adventures | Florida Sportsman

Let’s take a closer look at the Falcon 22 Offshore in this Florida Sportsman boat review. By the nature of its design- a 22-foot Falcon catamaran hull offers significant additional forward deck space- making it possible to add features and carry a passenger load more suited to a 26-foot mono hull. Add to this the ride of a Morrelli and Melvin designed semi-asymmetrical hull and the integrity of a fully vacuum/resin infused construction method from top to bottom- and you have the Falcon Offshore 22.

With an exterior footprint small enough to maneuver around inshore environments and a ride and stability capable of handling offshore waters as well, the Falcon provides a versatile multi-use platform in a manageable size class.

A large two-stage forward casting deck is roomy and stable enough for multiple anglers and features dry storage and an anchor locker below deck. The forward opening console seat reveals another larger dry storage compartment. To port and starboard in the cockpit below deck are a pair of outsized insulated fish holds at 340-quarts each. A pair of 22-gallon livewells at opposite corners can be supplemented with an optional 40-gallon tank leaning station at the helm. A low transom leading to the aft engine platform deck offers easy access to a wide stairway style dive boarding ladder for extremely simple water entry while wearing dive gear.

At the helm, a secondary space behind a rearward tilting hatch exposes the entire electrical and mechanical heart of your running systems for the simplest access imaginable should any maintenance be required.

Each Falcon is a semi-custom build using 100% infused components throughout. All parts from a full interior liner and all finished compartments- are laminated together and integrated with the hull forming a solid bond. Top quality hardware from all friction hinges to Bocatech backlit switches are standard equipment.

The production efficiency of a company fabricating on a large scale- the structural liners for multiple brands in the marine industry combined with the personal service of a custom boat shop make it possible for Falcon to help layout your personal build and see it completed on an expedited schedule of as little as six weeks to delivery. This efficiency also enables you to own a truly custom designed and built sport catamaran hull at a very moderate price point.

Falcon Offshore 22
Length: 22-6
Beam: 8-6
Draft: 14.5”
Deadrise: N/A
Weight: 4700 (loaded)
Max HP: 2-150’s
Fuel: 112
Base Price: 86,000- w/ Suzuki 150’s