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Make the right kind of waves

As the number of anglers continues to grow, it becomes more important than ever to be a marine resource steward as well as show others respect when on or near the water. By respecting the marine environment and the people in it, we can help ensure good fishing for generations to come and safe fishing experiences. After all, respect for nature and for other anglers is what fishing is all about.

Some ways you can help be a marine resource steward and make the right kinds of waves include:

  • Be an ethical angler: Ethical angling means knowing when to keep and when to release your catch while always handling fish with care. This includes knowing and abiding by regulations and being able to identify the fish you target.
  • Be ready at the ramp: Prepare your boat and equipment before launch. At a fuel dock, get fuel, pay and move out of the way.
  • Wear your life jacket: Set a good example for others and stay safe.
  • Watch the wake: Stay at least 200 feet from shoreline and other boaters and follow no wake zones. Always yield to wade fishermen.
  • Boat safely: Know who has the right of way and when.
  • Be courteous on shore: Don’t shoreline fish in areas or during times of day when there are a lot of swimmers. Don’t crowd anglers who are fishing from shore.
  • Stash your trash: Recycle fishing line and dispose of trash in a proper receptacle ashore.
  • Coming in for a landing: When anchoring up, watch how other boats tie off and do the same. If you think you are too close to other boaters or anglers, you are probably too close. Mind the current and be patient and wait for others to move before docking.
  • Keep the noise down: Sound is amplified over the water, which can disturb other boaters and those who live near the water.
  • Give anglers space: The sounds or wake from your boat can cause an angler to lose their catch or drive fish away.

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