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Captain Piper will provide all the Rods, Reels, Flies, Saltwater Fishing License and a Cooler of Ice Waters.

Flood Tide Tailing Redfish:
The most common times for these Redfish are during the Spring (April, May, June) and Fall (Sept, Oct, Nov) flood tides.  If the water is not high enough in the grass the fish won’t be there so contact me if you’re planning a trip during these months and we’ll see if the tide’s are right!  We’ll be using 8w rods and will need to make casts from 30′-50′.  Plan to wear an old pair of tennis shoes or wading shoe.  My boat is a 22′ bay boat and I put the bow into the grass.  Sometimes we can cast from the deck but often times we’ll need to ease over the side and wade to the tailing fish.  This is an awesome, heart pounding way to stalk fish! 

Light Weight Seatrout:
Seatrout are present most of the year at Amelia Island and we’re going after them!  We’ll use 5w up to 8w and hit all the likely spots.  Contact me to set up your trip now!  The bait fishermen are catching them and we can too!  We’ll ease up to a creek runout or fish the flooded oyster beds, tossing trout flies.  If it’s early in the morning or late in the afternoon we’ll start with poppers and watch for that amazing topwater strike!  Want to get your casting in?  Then this is the trip for you.  My Minnkota I-Pilot trolling motor will hold us in the right spot so get ready to fish! 

Florida Swamp Fishing:
We’re running back up into the Boggy Creek swamps for some “real Florida” fishing!  If you are a fly fisher and like to fish unique waters, then this is the place to fish.  We’ll have a shot at Largemouth Bass, Blue Gill, and Red Bellied Bream.  There’s something about being back up in a quiet swamp and quitely laying your little #10 popper up under some bushes and having that big ‘ole bluegill slurp it down!  FISH ON!   You’ll need to meet me at Nassau Landing boat ramp, 14.5 miles from the Island or about 15-20 minute car ride.  From there we’ll launch the boat and run up the creek until we are in the bowels of the swamp with nothing but gators and snakes and turtles and such.  If you hear a rustling in the palmetto’s it’s probably araccoon but who knows?  It could be the long lost Skunkape!

ADD $25 to the regular rate for this trip.
Two Anglers Only. Three people total only.
Contact me to set up your trip now!

Fly Casting Lessons:

I am a Federation of Fly Fishers Certified Instructor, I love the sport of fly fishing and I want to pass along that passion to you!  I’ve coached Little League softball and YMCA basketball and taught fishing classes at our local college campus.  I’ve got the patience of a rock!  If you’re wanting to try your hand at fly fishing,  TAKE SOME LESSONS!  Just like golf, you want to get off on the right track and take a few lessons from someone who is trained in the sport.  If you don’t have a fly rod I’ll provide one and we’ll go over the equipment, grip and stance, and I’ll introduce the Essentials of what it takes to make a good fly cast.  Then I’ll give you some good practice techniques that you can take home with you and you’ll be throwing tight loops before you know it!  Feel free to stay in touch by e-mail or telephone after the lesson if you have any follow up questions.  Contact me to set up your lessons today!

RATES:    $100 for  1 1/2 hour lesson   (1-2 persons)

                  $150 for  1 1/2 hour lesson  (up to 4 persons)

Panfishing, Suwannee River

Flood tide Red, Amelia Island
Bearverkill River, NY

Amelia Island, flood tide Red
Calloway Gardens, GA

Bow River, Canada
Little River, Smokey Mountains
Pleasant River, Maine
Penobscot River, Maine 

Sante Fe River, Florida   

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