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Kayak Kings, Key West

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<p>Eco Tours of A Magical Mangrove Maze</p>    <p>On the southeast end of the island of Key West is a protected mangrove forest that is still relatively unspoiled by development where you get up close and personal with how the Keys looked a long long time ago. In this forest are small river “tunnels” just wide enough to fit a kayak. The natural rivers weave through the tangled roots of mangrove plants (a species that can grow in salt water), creating a unique “maze” that creates a nursery for small wildlife.</p>    <p>Below the surface the watery roots are many rare species of colorful corals, as well as starfish, horseshoe crabs, sea anemones, sea hares, and jellyfish (among others), while the dense forestry area is home to a wide variety of birds. As we pass through the heart of these magical forests we enter a new world where two separate worlds exist as one. In this forest, it is easy to forget for a moment that you are still in the United States, as it feels very much like the watery jungles of South America.</p>    <p>Our experts guides will show you through the maze and inform you about the amazing species that can be found there. We specialize in SMALL GROUPS – so you have a one-on-one experience.</p>    <p>The paddle trip itself is at an easy pace and good for beginner paddlers as well as the more experienced.  The kayaks we use are sit on top singles or doubles that can be paddled as a tandem or single. It is excellent for families, and can be done on windier days since the mangroves provided a shaded wind block.</p>    <p>Discover a breath taking world filled with bio diversity that exists in the heart of Key West!</p>

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