Man killed by bulldozer at Florida construction site while using porta-potty

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A contract worker at a Florida landfill site was killed when a bulldozer ran into a porta-potty he was using last week.

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Aaron Henderson, 40, was taking a bathroom break from his job as a traffic controller at the Polk County North Central Landfill at around 5.10pm on Friday when the freak accident took place, according to WTSP.

Henderson was pronounced dead at the scene.

Both Henderson and the unnamed bulldozer worked for an employment agency called CertiTemp, which has a contract with the county.

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Henderson, of Winter Haven, was assigned to be a ‘spotter,’ responsible for guiding dump truck traffic at the landfill, according to the Polk County Sheriff’s Office.

At the end of the workday on Friday, the bulldozer operator was driving up an embankment to park the machine for the night when the blade of the bulldozer, which was elevated three to four feet off the ground, struck something, producing a loud noise, WTSP said.

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The driver did not see directly in front of him because the raised blade of the bulldozer was obstructing his view, according to the sheriff’s office.

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