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Old Town Sportsman BigWater PDL 132 Kayak Review: Hands-Free, Precise Boat Control

Old Town Sportsman BigWater PDL 132 Kayak Review: Hands-Free, Precise Boat Control

Let’s take a closer look at the Old Town Sportsman BigWater PDL 132 kayak in this review. Catch the full televised special of Kayak Fishing Fun, April 17th at 7PM on Outdoor Channel, Sportsman Channel and World Fishing Network.

IDEAL APPLICATION: Large bodies of water, rowdy rivers and trips offshore where lots of distance will be covered. Sleek, wave-piercing bow with planing hull handles surf and whitecaps with ease, while 36” width provides more than adequate stability for stand-up fishing. Bomb-proof PDL pedal drive makes going the distance easy, and the hull paddles efficiently despite its substantial width.

OVERVIEW: This is a time-tested hull design that can handle big water and current with aplomb. Old Town’s famous PDL drive is not only durable and backed with a first-in-class five-year warranty, it’s efficient and easy on the legs when you need to chase down surface-schooling fish or travel far to your hot spot. The PDL drive’s lightning-fast instant reverse feature provides immediate response when you need to stay directly on cover or structure, allows you to use both hands when fighting fish – and lets you reverse your rig while simultaneously reeling, so you can keep pressure on fish while keeping the kayak from being pulled over your hot spot. In super shallow water or when launching, a built-in docking platform holds the prop and drive skeg safely out of the way, allowing you to stand and fish while poling or anchored.

Interior comfort is enhanced with a proven, adjustable mesh seat that provides great lumbar support, complete with an under-seat storage shelf that keeps your boxes or gear dry and off the gently arched floor, which also sheds water to the scupper holes very efficiently. An EVA deck pad on the cockpit floor adds quieting and foot traction, and a rectangular sealed hatch providing hull access and storage is located under the rear of the seat. Additional storage is available in the sealed bow hatch, which comes standard with a suspended battery bag to keep your electronics power source dry. There are two mounting tracks on either side of the cockpit and two bow plates for additional items like camera arms. One rod holder is conveniently located on the right of the seat, and two rear facing holders are on either side of the tank well. A bungee system in the stern can be configured to hold coolers, tackle crates and more.

NOTABLE: The BigWater has a large rudder with a built-in carry handle that is deployable from the seat, with a large steering handle and knob located on the port side of the kayak. A pre-drilled Power Pole platform is located just in front of the rudder. The hull features a lifetime warranty and the kayak performs just as well for hunting purposes as it does for fishing, especially in the new Marsh Camo color. With all the features, the BigWater PDL 132 is a true value at $2,599 – $200 less than it was two years ago! — Mike Carney

Old Town Sportsman BigWater PDL 132
Length: 13′ 2″
Width: 36″
Weight: 96 LBS. Assembled Hull, 21 LBS. Pedal Console
Capacity: 500 LBS.
Propulsion: Pedal Drive, Paddle

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