Perfect Kayak Trailer: Accessorize to Fit Your Needs | Customizations You’ll ACTUALLY Use

Perfect Kayak Trailer: Accessorize to Fit Your Needs | Customizations You'll ACTUALLY Use

What is the perfect kayak trailer? Well, it’s one that fits your needs. The Malone ExtraLight Lowmax 2 base trailer is as good as it gets: customizable with a variety of accessories that are important to you for hauling kayaks. At some stage, most kayak enthusiasts have thought about the convenience and utility of a trailer. Many of today’s high-end kayaks weigh in excess of 100-pounds, and that makes car topping or even a pickup truck bed a challenge for some.

And anytime you need to haul extra gear or more than one kayak, like for a family member or a boat for a friend, a trailer is incredibly convenient, as well as being safer for you and your kayak to load.

We’ve had the opportunity to run a few trailers across the country for Kayak Fishing Fun magazine and TV special, and our thinking has evolved on what we now look for in a trailer.

Initially, we chose trailers with all the whistles and bells installed, but quickly realized that some of those features we paid for…we just never used. Then we tried a model for Malone Auto Racks, out of Westbrook, Maine, and it’s changed our thinking what we look for and value in a trailer package.

The Malone trailer we ordered is a ExtraLight Lowmax 2 base model (, then we added just the accessories we actually use and need.

Ultimately, we put together a trailer package we really love, so I’ll walk you through exactly how we rigged it. Also keep in mind that these trailer configurations and accessories change from year to year, so be sure to check the Malone website. (