Recreational Fishing Kayaks / Double Kayaks

About Cobra Kayaks

Cobra Kayaks was created in the sit-on-top capital of North America, California, and its designers were focused solely on sit-on-top design. Our models have a unique hull-and side-cut shape which delivers a less clunky paddling stroke vs typical bulbous sit-on-tops. This makes a Cobra Kayak easily recognizable from a far.

Cobra Kayaks offer you a range recreational sit-on-top kayaks to get you out on the water and having fun! Whether you are looking to splash out in a surf kayak, play with the kids in a fun kayak, haul in the big one in one of our popular fishing kayaks – or explore the coast and islands in our touring kayaks, Cobra Kayaks have the right kayak for you. We also offer high performance sports and training kayaks for those who are looking to put in some serious hours on the water.

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