Seakeeper Gear Review | Is The Seakeeper Gyro-Stabilizer Worth It?

Seakeeper Gear Review | Is The Seakeeper Gyro-Stabilizer Worth It?

Let’s take a closer look at the Seakeeper 1 in this gear review. The use of a gyro-stabilizer isn’t a new concept to mitigate roll in large vessels and yachts but this amazing technology has become more mainstream for use in recreational boats since Seakeeper began introducing the equipment in a more user friendly form for small boaters.

The newest Seakeeper models offer the most significant piece of equipment available for center consoles today to increase your comfort level and subsequently improve your overall boating experience.

Many boaters who suffer from motion sickness begin each day worrying about the sea condition and how it might affect their experience on the water, some even give up entirely on boating because of it. This dilemma can be more profound on smaller outboard vessels which tend to roll more due to their size. The smallest (Seakeeper 1) model available is ideally suited for boats in the 23-30’ size class covering what makes up the highest percentage of offshore recreational boats.

A flywheel which spins at 9750 RPM uses angular momentum to resist the force of your boat rolling from side to side by applying an equal and opposite force which constantly changes as your boat rocks. The flywheel is enclosed in a vacuum sealed dome housing which in combination with the mounting hardware measures a scant 22.9x 23.6x 15.7” and weighs only 365-pounds. The 12V powered unit can be installed above or below deck and fits inside of a helm station leaning post for easy access and maintenance. A 15-minute spool up is required and activating the stabilizer is as simple as pushing a button to unlock the device allowing it to reduce your roll angle by as much as 95 percent.

Along with the reduction in size, the cost of these units has come down considerably. The Seakeeper 1 is priced within reach of most people’s budget who are buying a new 25-30’ boat. Any way you slice it- for the added comfort, minimal joint fatigue at the end of the day, or most importantly, the choice of boating at all or staying home for motion sickness victims- it’s a worthy investment.

Seakeeper 1 Specifications:
Max Rated Speed: 9750 RPM
Max Angular Momentum: 100 N-M-S
Spool Up Time: 15 minutes
Operating Power Input: 12V DC@ 25-55Amps
Noise Output: 62-64 dB at 1 meter
MSRP: $15,900

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