Shallow Sport 24 MOD V – Modified V Merges with a Tunnel Hull | Florida Sportsman

Shallow Sport 24 MOD V - Modified V Merges with a Tunnel Hull | Florida Sportsman

Let’s take a closer look at the Shallow Sport 24 MOD V in this boat review from Florida Sportsman. The legacy of this brand dates back nearly eighty years to when the first of three generations of boat builders built one of the first fiberglass powerboats. Forty years later, through a need for a specialized hull design- able to navigate the extreme shallows of the lower Laguna Madre, yet also stand up to open water crossings- Shallow Sport was born. The 24 MOD V is the result of four decades of Shallow Sport refinement.

With the use of a combination Modified V entry- merging with a tunnel hull, the 24 MOD V offers a smooth ride across deeper unsettled waters yet easily transitions across the bar into single digit depths to transit a flat. Additionally, the 24 MOD V features an innovative (patented) design which negates the negative effects of running a tunnel hull in deep water. The tunnel effect-designed to direct maximum water flow to your engine on a flat, also creates excessive chatter underfoot while adding drag while running deep water.

Shallow Sport has incorporated a dedicated “Tunnel Tab” which when deployed- lowers a tab into the tunnel space effectively closing the tunnel off from water flow to decrease drag and smooth the ride. At 35 MPH this feature nearly doubled the MPG efficiency going from 1.9 to 3.6 MPG while adding 6 MPH to the speed. In deep water, the MOD V crushed the bay chop and boat wakes with ease while not allowing a drop of spray above the rub rails.

A roomy and stable deck layout provide an easy platform to work around for multiple anglers. The riser box helm offered tons of storage and a great vantage point to navigate from and sight fish while an observation tower above the helm added considerable distance to your line of sight. This boat comes in numerous configurations but all are extremely fishable. Three centerline livewells Fore/Mid/Aft, an insulated fish box and twin rod lockers forward, aluminum transom boarding ladder all contribute to her fishing effectiveness.

The combination of multi-species, beach and bay, backwaters to belly crawling depths made available to you out of this model- whether you are sight casting from atop this platform or accessing a remote wade fishing flat and going rogue are only limited by your imagination.

Shallow Sport 24 MOD V
Length: 23-8
Beam: 7-11
Draft: 10.5
Deadrise: N/A
Weight: 1600
Max HP: 300
Fuel: 65
Base price: $74,377