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The Wet Fly Swing Show is perfect for anyone interested in learning about fly fishing and fly tying from the biggest names in fly fishing today.

I interview these amazing people, talk about their history and journey and get into specific tips and tools that will help you relax and enjoy your time on the water even more.

Season 1 is focused on steelhead fly fishing, Season 2 focuses on trout fishing, Season 3 is our Destination & DIY season, Season 4 will have a whole lotta fly tying action, and Season 5 has a dry fly fishing focus!


The most recent episodes (from newest to oldest):


Season 5 – Dry Fly Fishing

WFS 190 – Green Drake Hatch with Mike Lawson – Henrys Fork Fly Fishing, Gary LaFontaine

WFS 189 – How to Rank Your Blog Post to #1 (Outdoors Online Marketing Podcast Podcast)

Skeena River Steelhead with Todd Scharf – British Columbia Fly Fishing, OPST (WFS 188)

WFS 187 – The Fiberglass Boat and River Skiff with Adipose Boatworks Justin Waayenberg (Drift Boat Series Ep. 6)

WFS 186 – Reds Fly Shop with Joe Rotter  — Blue Winged Olive Mayfly Hatch, Yakima River 

WFS 185 – How to Choose Drift Boat Oars with Sawyer’s Derek Young (Drift Boat Series Ep. 5)

WFS 184 – Saltwater Experience with Tom Rowland

WFS 183 – Top 10 Podcasts in Fly Fishing via Wet Fly Swing Podcast

WFS 182 – Boulder Boat Works with Shaun Hargrave (Drift Boat Series Ep. 4)

WFS 181 – Fly Water Travel with Ken Morrish – Dry Fly Patterns, Fly Design

WFS 180 – Koffler Boats with Joe Koffler (Drift Boat Series Ep. 3)

WFS 179 – George Cook on Lake Fishing with a Fly – Isaak’s Ranch Fly Fishing

WFS 178 – 2021 Wet Fly Swing Podcast Year Introduction and Fly Fishing Greatness 

WFS 177 – History of the Drift Boat with Roger Fletcher (Drift Boat Series Ep. 2)

WFS 176 – Steelhead Alley with Greg Senyo – Laser Dub, Fly Tying 

WFS 175 – Ask About Fly Fishing with Roger Maves

WFS 174 – Step x Step Guide to Fishing Wet Flies with Davy Wotton 

WFS 173 – Beginners Guide to Nymphing and the Top 17 Euro Nymphing Tips for Trout

WFS 172 – Fly Fishing the Hiwassee River with Wanda Taylor – Dry Fly Fishing, TFO

WFS 171 – Choosing a Line for Fly Fishing with Brooks Robinson – Cortland Line Company

WFS 170 – Great Lakes Fishing with Jerry Darkes – Steelhead, Swinging Flies, Fly Fishing 

WFS 169 – Winter Dry Line Steelhead with Adrian Cortes

WFS 168 – Fly Fishing Founders – Northern California Fly Fishing with Jared Shakin

WFS 167 – How to Dry Fly Fish with Kelly Galloup

WFS 166 – National Geographic’s Pete McBride – Martin’s Boat, Grand Canyon (Drift Boat Series Ep. 1)

WFS 165 – Top 6 Recommended Dry Fly Fishing Flies that Catch Fish with Gene Shropshire

WFS 164 – Flylords with Jared Zissu – Fly Lords Mag

WFS 163 – Olympic Peninsula Skagit Tactics with James Millard

WFS 162 – The Drake Magazine with Tom Bie – Scuddlebutt, Tippets, Ask Trask

WFS 161 – Tom Morgan Rodsmiths with Joel Doub and Matt Barber

WFS 160 – The Dave Whitlock Podcast – Terrestrials, White River, Passion

WFS 159 – The River Rambler Podcast with Richard Harrington – Skating Flies for Steelhead, North Umpqua, Spey

WFS 158 – Temple Fork Outfitters with Rick Pope – TFO Rods, Lefty Kreh, Cosmic Cowboys

WFS 157 – Fly Tying and Fishing Streamers with Brian Wise – Fly Fishing the Ozarks, White River 

WFS 156 – Dry Fly Fishing Tips with James Carlin – Competitive Angling, So Fly Gear

Season 4 – Fly Tying

WFS 155 -Syd Glasso, Dyeing Feathers, Fly Tying & Steelhead with Dave McNeese 

WFS 154 – Olympic Peninsula Steelhead Fishing with Trevor Covich – Spey, Forks 

WFS 153 – Tying Atlantic Salmon Flies with Ryan Taylor – Steelhead, Grand River 

WFS 152 – Long Belly Spey Casting with Bruce Kruk – Trout, Steelhead, Columbia River

WFS 151 – Swing the Fly Magazine with Zack Williams – Spey Tips, Steelhead, Clearwater River

WFS 150 – Ahrex Hooks with Morten Valeur – Pike Fly Fishing, Fly Tying, Denmark

WFS 149 – The Fly Fishing 97 Podcast with Mark Hopley – Kamloops British Columbia

WFS 148 – Steelhead Fishing in Oregon with Brian Silvey

WFS 147 – Loon Outdoors with Matt Callies – Fly Fishing Product Design, Scott, Abel, Trinity River

WFS 146 – The History of Women in Fly Fishing with Jen Ripple

WFS 145 – The Facebook Fly Fishing Community with John Billing – Australia, New Zealand

WFS 144 – Deschutes Salmon Fly Hatch with Elke and Alysia Littleleaf

WFS 143 – Fly Culture Magazine with Pete Tyjas – Euro Nymphing Flies, Chalk Streams, UK Fly Fishing

WFS 142 – Flies for Steelhead Fishing with Jason Osborn – Skating, Dean River, Kalama

WFS 141 – AK Best on Production Fly Tying, Dry Flies, Colorado, Red Quill Parachute, Colorado Caddis, Winged Beetle

WFS 140 – The Mono Rig, Nymphing and Streamers with Domenick Swentosky – Troutbitten, Pennsylvania

WFS 139 – Jerry French and the Intruder Revolution – Spey, Steelhead, Aqua Flies, Ed Ward, Skagit

WFS 138 – Fly Fishing Streamers with Rich Strolis – Catching Shadows

WFS 137 – COVID-19 Tips for Fly Fishing Brands with Matt Smythe from AFFTA

WFS 136 – Steelhead Fly Design History with Joseph Rossano – Sid Glasso, Harry Lemire, Bob Strobel, Alec Jackson, Spey

WFS 135 – A River Runs Through It with John Dietsch – Norman Maclean, Robert Redford, Brad Pitt, Soul

My New Show – The Outdoors Online Marketing Podcast Needs Your Help Today

WFS 134 – Swinging Wet Flies for Trout with Steven Bird – The Soft Hackle Journal, Trout Spey, Steelhead, Upper Columbia River

WFS 133 – How to Choose A Fly Rod with Travis Duddles – Gorge Fly Shop, Hood River, Deschutes, Trout Fishing, G Loomis, Echo

WFS 132 – Pebble Mine Update with Jenny Weis – Bristol Bay, Trout Unlimitted, Conservation, Salmon

Yucatan Fly Fishing with Brian Oakland – Mexico, La Pescadora, Bonefish, Permit, Tarpon, Snook

WFS 131 – George Cook Podcast – NW Spey History, Steelhead, Chinook Salmon, Sage, Alaskabou, Swinging Flies

WFS 130 – Bristol Bay Fly Fishing with Bryce Rushbrook – Kulik Lodge, Coho Salmon

WFS 129 – FrankenFly with Paul Beel – Carp Fly Fishing and Flies, Monster Dub, Streamers, FrankenFrog

Fly Fishing Founders – Monetizing Your Business with Tom Ski – Fly Tying Travel, Trail of Highways, Snowbee, Outdoors Online

WFS 127 – Scandi Style Lines with Klaus Frimor – Underhand Spey Casting, Loop, Steelhead, Atlantic Salmon

Fly Fishing Founders – Sage Brush Dry with John Peterka – Kake Alaska

WFS 125 – Basic Fly Tying with Charlie Craven – Charlies Fly Box

WFS 124 – Giant Tarpon Fly Fishing with Bruce Chard – Florida Keys, Fly Presentation

Pyramid Lake Fishing with Denis Isbister – Wild Fish Wild Places TV Show, Lahontan Cutthroat Trout, Ladder Chair

WFS 123 – Mariusz Wroblewski – Choosing a Two Handed Fly Rod, Winter Steelhead, Spey Casting, Kamchatku, Echo, Skeena

WFS 122 – The Outdoor Biz Podcast with Rick Saez – Adventure, Podcasting, Outdoor Retailer Show, IFTD

WFS 121 – Classic Wet Flies & Fly Tying with Fred Klein – Ray Bergman, American Angler, Brook Trout, Maine, Davie McPhail

Fly Fishing Giveaway to Pyramid Lake with Brian Oakland – Got Fishing, Lahontan Cutthroat Trout

WFS 120 – Small Stream Fly Fishing with Jeff Morgan – Entomology, Oddballs, Flying Ant, Gary Lofontaine

WFS 119 – The Barbless Podcast with Chad Alderson and Nick Hanna – Fly Fishing, Apps, Podcasting, Steelhead, Chico

The Ultimate Winter Steelhead Fly Fishing Gear List – Rods, Reels, Fly Lines, Waterproof Bags, Resources

WFS 118 – Euro Nymphing Tips with Pete Erickson – Echo Fly Fishing, Shadow X, Grayling, Loch Style Fishing

WFS 117 – Steelhead Update with John McMillan – Columbia River, Olympic Peninsula, The 4 H’s, Rainforest Steel

WFS 116 – Hawaii Fly Fishing with Captain Rick Lee – Bonefish, Maui, Triggerfish, Christmas Island, Saltwater Gear

WFS 115 – Whiting Farms with Tom Whiting – Fly Tying Materials, Steelhead Spey Hackle, Genetics, Hoffman, Scaleless Birds

WFS 114 – Rainy’s Flies with Rainy Riding – Fly Tying Innovation, Foam, Matching Hatches, The Grand Hopper

WFS 113 – Frank Amato – Salmon Trout Steelheader, Amato Books, Fly Fishing and Tying Journal, Deschutes River

WFS 112 – Moldy Chum with Brian Bennett – Steelhead, Patagonia, REI, Reel Pure Radio, Yeti, Artifishal

WFS 111 – Australia Fly Fishing with Peter Morse – Tasmania, Baramundi, Flats Fishing, New Zealand, Lefty Kreh

WFS 110 – Shad Fly Fishing with Mark Benson – Alligator Hunting, St. Johns River, Bass & Birdies, Florida, Ritz-Carlton

WFS 109 – Modern Terrestrials with Rick Takahashi – Fly Tying, Fly Fishing Illustrations, Jay Nichols, Taka Hopper, Dollar Store

WFS 108 – Lance Egan Podcast – Euro Nymphing Tips, Cabelas, Fly Fish Food, Team USA

Fly Fishers Guide to Oregon with Gary Weber – Wilderness Adventures Press, NW Fly Fishing Magazine, Lahontan Cutthroat Trout, Donner and Blitzen River

WFS 107 – Fly Tying with Pat Cohen – Deer Hair Poppers, RU Superfly, Smallmouth Bass, Tattoo Art

Season 3 – Destination/DIY

WFS 106 – Alaska Fly Fishing with James Johnson – Katmai Trophy Lodge, Chinook, Giant Rainbows

WFS 105 – Sweetwater Travel with Steve Wilson – Taimen, Mongolia, Fly Fishing Guide School, Montana

WFS 104 – Fly-Fishing Insider Podcast with Greg Keenan – Zencastr, Kamloops, Stillwater, Podcasting

WFS 103 – Stillwater Fly Fishing with Jeff Perin – Entomology, Cascade Lakes, Chironomids, Loch-Style Fly Fishing

WFS 102 – Carp Fly Fishing with Kevin Morlock – Beaver Island Lake, Casting Tips, Flats Fishing, Tailing Fish

WFS 101 – The FlyFishing & Tying Journal with Craig Schuhmann – Giant Rainbow Trout, Klamath Falls, Williamson River, Frank Amato

WFS 100 – Joan Wulff Podcast – Fly Casting Tips, Lee Wulff, Yarn Rod, Dun Magazine, American Sportsman

WFS 099 – The Global FlyFisher with Martin Joergensen – Sea Trout, Denmark, Fly Tying, Sea-Run Brown Trout

WFS 098 – Tom Sadler on AFFTA and IFTD – Mossy Creek Fly Fishing, Brook Trout, Shenandoah Valley

WFS 097 – Fly Fishing the Jetty with Brian Marz – Lingcod, Rockfish, Orvis, Caddis Fly, Tides, Oregon Coast

WFS 096 – Streamers with Gunnar Brammer – Smallmouth Bass, Pike Fly Fishing, Predators, Kelly Galloup, St. Louis River

WFS 095 – Fly Fishers International with Len Zickler – Mel Krieger, Casting Awards, Learning Center, Orvis, PHWFF, Dire Straits

WFS 094 – Fly Fishing and Fly Tying with Shawn Holsinger – Stoneflies, Euro Nymphs, Holsinger’s Fly Shop, Little Juniata River (WFS094)

WFS 093 – Musky Fly Fishing with Bill Spicer – The New Fly Fisher, Musky Hunter, Ugly Pike Podcast, Bite Tippet

WFS 092 – Alaska Fly Fishing with Kyle Shea – Rainbow Trout, Bristol Adventures, Kulik Lodge, Deneki, Alaska West

WFS 091 – DIY Fly Fishing Exploration Tips with Ray Montoya – Middle East, Permit, Bonefish, Emperor Fish, Yemen

Fly Fishing Founders – Adamsbuilt Fishing with Mont Adams – Nevada Fly Fishing, Waders, Gear

WFS 089 – Trout Spey with Capt. John McCloskey – Naknek River Alaska, Chattahoochee River, Georgia Fly Fishing, Swinging Flies

Fly Fishing Founders – Wilderness Lite Float Tubes with Phil Hayes – Ultralight Boats, Gregory, Outcast, REI, Backcountry Hunters and Anglers

WFS 088 – The Fiberglass Manifesto with Cameron Mortenson – Choosing a Rod, Tips, Eagle Claw, Barclay, Grey, McFarland, John Prine

WFS 087 – Jim Klug with Yellow Dog Fly Fishing – Belize, Permit, The Fly Box, Jako Lucas, Cuba, Durango

WFS 086 – Winter Steelhead with Mark Bachmann – Sandy River, Fly Fish USA, Carl Perry, Airflo

Fly Fishing Founders – Proof Fly Fishing with Matt Draft – How to Build a Fly Rod, Cold Water River

WFS 084 – The New Fly Fisher with Colin Mckeown – Atlantic Salmon, Newfoundland, Squaretail, Jensen’s, Riffle Hitch

WFS 083 – Seth Kugel – The New York Times Frugal Traveler – South America Travel Tips, Guides, Fake Reviews, Air BNB

WFS 082 – Fly Fishing Founders – Fly Tyers Dungeon with Mad Scientist – Unique Fly Tying Materials, UV-X, Congo Hair, Doug Swisher

WFS 081 – Lower Sacramento River with Mike Mercer – The Redding Fly Shop, the Missing Link, Psycho Prince

WFS 080 – Riverhorse Nakadate – Largemouth Bass , Southern Texas Fly Fishing, Redfish, Love

WFS 079 – Deli Fresh Design with Ross White – Fly Fishing Slings, Orvis, Conservation, Carp, Trout Unlimited, Gretkzy

WFS 078 – DIY Alaska with Brian O’Keefe – Catch Magazine, Fly Fishing Photo Tips, New Zealand, Mousing for Rainbows

WFS 077 – Sea-Run Cutthroat with Dave McCoy – Puget Sound Fly Fishing, Skagit, Yakima, Steelhead

Fly Fishing Founders – Rent this Rod with David Moore and Brian Guengerich – Thomas and Thomas, Abel, Davidson River

WFS 076 – Mia and Marty Sheppard – Steelhead, John Day River, Deschutes, Smallmouth Bass, Skiing

WFS 075 – Fly Casting Tips with Dan Johnston – Fly Rod Brands, History, St. Croix, Choosing a Fly Rod

Fly Fishing Founders – Meat Market Flies with Luke Ferrenburg – Streamers, Fly Tying Tips, Chico California

WFS 074 – Jason Randall on Nymphing, Wet Fly Fishing, The Driftless Area, UV, Indicators, Currents

WFS 073 – Joe Humphreys Podcast Interview – 90 Years of Fly Fishing, Live the Stream Movie, Lefty Kreh

WFS 072 – Ausable River with Rachel Finn – Adirondack Fly Fishing, Hungry Trout, Cigars and the Hang

WFS 071 – Joe Brooks Podcast – Salt Water Fly Fishing, American Sportsman, Babe Ruth, Alcoholism

WFS 070 – Flip Pallot Podcast – Bonefish, Bahamas, Hells Bay Boats, The Salt Water Angler

WFS 069 – Oliver White Podcast – Bonefish in the Bahamas, DIY Fly Fishing Tips, Indie Fly

WFS 068 – Salt Water Fly Fishing with Jako Lucas | Giant Trevally, Seychelles, Captain Jack Productions, Cortland

WFS 067 – Fraser River with Kate Watson | BC Steelhead, Bull Trout, Tarponville, Elvis

Bonus – The Tactical Fly Fisher Book Review – Devin Olsen, Euro Nymphing, Tips for Trout

WFS 065 – 400 Species on the Fly with Jeff Currier | Fly Fishing for African Tigers, Jack Dennis

Season 2 – Trout Fishing

WFS 064 – Denny Rickards Stillwater Fly Fishing – Upper Klamath Lake, Ghost Tip, Presentation

WFS 063 – Tom Rosenbauer Podcast | Orvis Fly Fishing, Battenkill River, Top Questions, Tips and Tricks

WFS 062 – Winter Steelhead with Rob Crandall – Clackamas River Fly Fishing, Spey, Mending, Sink Tips

WFS 061 – The Fly Fishing Show with Ben Furimsky | Lefty Kreh, Gunnison River, Surfing

WFS 060 – The Dun Magazine with Jen Ripple – Fly Fishing Juvenile Tarpon, Mexico, Yeti

WFS 059 – Tying and Fishing Small Flies with Ed Engle – Midges, BWO’s, John Gierach, Woodstock

WFS 058 – Hank Patterson Interview – The Greatest Fly Fishing Guide | Travis Swartz, Reel Recovery, F3T

WFS 057 – Argentina Fly Fishing with Justin Spence | DIY, Brown Trout, Golden Dorado, Big Sky Anglers

WFS 056 – Pat Dorsey Interview – Tailwater Fly Fishing Tips and Tiny Flies | Cheeseman, Hopper Droppers, Jack Dennis

WFS 055 – George Daniel Podcast Interview – Joe Humphries, Musky, Euro Nymphing, Teaching

WFS 054 – The Drake with Elliott Adler | Podcasting, Fly Fishing, The Drake Magazine

Bonus Episode – Wet Fly Swing Year Celebration Episode | Friends, Family and Listener Support

WFS 052 – Kelly Galloup Podcast – Streamer fly fishing Tips for Trout #52

WFS 051 – Fly Fishing Entomology with Peter Stitcher from Ascent Fly Fishing – Bug Selection, Street Kids

WFS 050 – Project Healing Waters with Jerry Lorang | Veterans, Mentorship, PTSD and Fly Fishing

WFS 049 – Cast and Blast with Outdoor TV Show Host Gary Lewis | Fly Fishing, Deer Hunting and Frontier Unlimited

WFS 048 – Streamer Fly Fishing with Landon Mayer – South Platte River, Fly Tying, Dave Whitlock

WFS 047 – John Gierach Podcast Interview – Hippies, High Mt Stream Fly Fishing, Weed and Alaska

WFS 046 – Frank Moore Podcast Interview | Legendary North Umpqua Fly Fisherman, Steelhead, WWII, Conservation

WFS 045 – Gary Borger Podcast Interview – Nymph Fishing Tips, History, Shadow Casting, Madison River, Indicators

WFS 044 – Westslope Cutthroat Trout with Heather Hodson – Dry Fly Fishing Idaho, United Woman on the Fly

WFS 043 -Euro Nymphing with Devin Olsen | USA Fly Fishing Team, Provo River, Reading Water

WFS 042 – Redfish and the Barely Live Podcast with Paul Puckett + Big Lebowski and Flood Tide Company

WFS 041 – Fly Fishing Fitness with Jimmy Kim | Injuries, Longevity, The Governator

WFS 040 – Fly Fish Food Interview with Curtis Fry – Dry Flies – the Lego Fly -Provo River

WFS 039 – Tenkara Basics – Luong Tam Interview | Fly Fishing Techniques, Tips + the Vietnam War

WFS 038 – FlyFish Journal Editor Steve Duda on Punk Rock, Surf Fly Fishing, and the Burning Pram

WFS 037 – Entomology and Fly Fishing with Rick Hafele | Mckenzie, Deschutes Rivers and Spinner Falls

WFS 036 – Skip Morris Interview – Fly Fishing, Fly Tying, West Slope Cutthroat Trout and Lochsa River Idaho

WFS 035 – Davy Wotton Wet Fly Fishing Interview | White River Arkansas, Classic Flies

WFS 034 – Stillwater Fly Fishing with Phil Rowley | Chironomids, the stillwater app, Brian Chan

WFS 033 – The Fly Tapes Podcast and Writers on the Fly Interview with Jason Rolfe

WFS 032 – Deschutes River Salmon Fly Hatch with John Smeraglio + Fireside Chat with Dave

Season 1 – Steelhead

WFS 031 – Deschutes River Steelhead with Doug Stewart | Fly Fishing Pioneer, The Max Canyon, Rattlesnake Tales

WFS 030 – Anchored with April Vokey | Women in Fly Fishing, Sexism, Steelhead, Conservation, Bulkley River

WFS 029 – OPST Pure Skagit Interview with James Millard | Steelhead, Commando Heads, Bugs

WFS 028 – Good, Bad and Ugly of Spey Lines – Barney Wong Interview + Pimp My Canoe

WFS 027 – The Line Speed Jedi – Tim Rawlins Interview | Spey Casting, Kamloops, Alaskan Pilot

WFS 026 – Rogue River Half Pounder Steelhead – Dennis Lee Podcast Interview | Eel & Trinity Rivers

WFS 025 – Trout and Feather Interview with Tim Cammisa | Youtube Fly Tying – Lake Erie Steelhead

WFS 024 – NW Fly Tyer Expo Interview with Hal Gordon – Fly Tying Tips, Steelhead Fly Fishing

WFS 023 – 35 Years of Fishing Video Production – Gene Hering Interview from Fly Fish TV

WFS 022 – Assistant Principal to Fly Fishing Guide – Duran Torrez Interview | Steelhead, Mindset

WFS 021 – Single Hand Spey Interview with Matt Klara | Fly Fishing, Yellowstone, Skagit Master

WFS 020 – Dec Hogan Interview | Fly Fishing, Passion, Tying Steelhead Flies with Style

WFS 019 – North Umpqua Interview with Dean Finnerty – Steelhead Fly Fishing and Tips

WFS 018 – Interview with Wild River Press Founder Tom Pero – Atlantic Salmon and Steelhead Fly Evolution

WFS 017 – Dean River Steelhead with Scott Baker McGarva | BC Lottery – Squamish Fly Fishing

WFS 016 – John Shewey Interview – Steelhead Fly Fishing History | North Umpqua & Santiam Rivers

WFS 015 – Peter Charles Steelhead Fly Fishing Interview – Grand River, Air Flo, G Loomis

WFS 014 – Olympic Peninsula Steelhead with Jeff Layton | Fly Fishing Gear at Grab

WFS 013 – Muskegon River Steelhead Fly Fishing Interview with Kevin Feenstra

WFS 012 – Salmon River Fly Fishing with Rob Snowhite | Steelhead – Great Lakes – Podcasting

WFS 011 – Tom Larimer Interview – Summer Steelhead Fly Fishing Tips, G Loomis, Spey Lines

WFS 010 – Skeena River Steelhead with Rob Bryce – Fly Fishing the Morice, Bulkley, Kispiox

WFS 009 – Simon Gawesworth Interview – New Spey Lines, Spey Casting, Rio 

WFS 008 – Fly Tying Interview with Darren MacEachern from Piscator Flies

WFS 007 – Spey Casting and Great Lakes Steelhead with Pete Humphries

WFS 006 – Trey Combs Interview – Steelhead Flies and Fishing, Blue Water Fly Fishing

WFS 005 – Jim Teeny Interview – 60 Years of Fly Fishing, Sinking Lines, Flies

WFS 004 – Fly Fishing Interview with Brian Chou – Steelhead, Spey Casting and Karma

WFS 003 – Jay Nicholas – Salmon, Steelhead Fly Fishing and Fly Tying

WFS 002 – Steelhead Fly Fishing with Jack Mitchell from The Evening Hatch

WFS 001 – Introduction to the Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Podcast


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